Wood Badge Alumni Guild - Mecklenburg County Council

Wood Badge Course Directors

Over the years, there have been a handful of Mecklenburg County Council scouters who have been tapped to serve as a Wood Badge Course Director as a result of their "above and beyond" dedication to scouting and the essential training which ensures the Mecklenburg County Council scouting experience is a model for others to follow.

The table below recognizes these scouters and their service to Wood Badge in Mecklenburg County Council.

Course Director Critter Course  Year  Camp 
Eric Ritzen Eagle R6-9 (SR-1) 1970 Camp Glenmere
Robert Connell Beaver SE-50 1974 Camp Glenmere
Jim Hancock Bobwhite SE-73 1975 Camp Eastfield
Al Selby Eagle SE-129 1976 Camp Eastfield
Bob McCarter Fox SE-160 1977 Camp Eastfield
Joel Moser Bobwhite SE-204 1978 Camp Eastfield
H.H. 'Dusty' Sparks Bear SE-228 1979 Camp Eastfield
Ray Hartis Fox SE-268 1980 Camp Glenmere
Gene Crain Beaver SE-318 1982 Camp Glenmere
Dennis 'Bubba' Guthrie Owl SE-346 1983 Camp Leunah
Stewart 'Goodrich' deWitt Tiger SE-395 1985 Camp Steere
Harold Patterson Fox SE-457 1987 Camp Steere
George 'José' Meier Fox SE-495 1989 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Dave Marquis Eagle SE-569 1991 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Prentiss Pentecost Bobwhite SE-613 1993 Clear Creek Scout Camp
John Ashworth Owl SR-100 1995 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Jack Davis Owl SR-200 1997 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Staton Boyette Bear SR-306 1999 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Max Cooper Owl SR-406 2001 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Stan Nester Eagle SR-489 2003 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Bill Womack Buffalo SR-702 2005 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Bill Kennedy Bobwhite SR-782 2006 Clear Creek Scout Camp
Larry Banks Beaver SR-855 2007 Belk Scout Camp
Tanya Hartje Fox SR-933 2008 Belk Scout Camp
Don Herzhauser Antelope SR-1015 2009 Belk Scout Camp
Bob McLaughlin Bobwhite SR-1037 2010 Belk Scout Camp
Miriam Olynick Owl S5-415-11-1 2011 Belk Scout Camp
Craig Orr Fox S5-415-12 2012 Belk Scout Camp
Bill Rose Fox S5-415-13 2013 Belk Scout Camp
Dan Hardesty Antelope S5-415-14 2014 Belk Scout Camp
Darren Seigler Bear S5-415-15 2015 Belk Scout Camp
Scott Whitlock Bear S5-415-17 2017 Belk Scout Camp
Dennis Tucker Owl S5-415-19 2019 Belk Scout Camp