Wood Badge Alumni Guild - Mecklenburg County Council

Board of Directors

The Mecklenburg County Council Wood Badge Alumni Guild is governed by a set of bylaws written by a Board of Directors who are elected into office.  The members of the Board are a group of Mecklenburg County Council Wood Badgers who have dedicated a number of years of service to scouting in Mecklenburg County Council, especially in the area of Wood Badge training.

Larry Banks
  Kristine McGuire
Membership Director
  Jenn Bolt
Administrations Director
  Rick Messina
Historical Director
  Lori Bagley
Marketing Director

Kristine McGuire
Finance Director
  David Crowe
Facilities Director
Catherine Howard
Public Relations Co-Director
  Tom Howard
Public Relations Co-Director 
   Billy Hawkins
Field Development Director
 Darren Seigler
IT Director
  John Mahaffey

  Joel Moser
  José Meier
    Brian Sweeney
Council Representative