Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does S5-415-xx mean?
    Answer:  This is the course number. The S5 signifies that this Wood Badge course is being presented by the Southern Region of the Boy Scouts of America. The number 415 is the Council number assigned to Mecklenburg County.  The xx represents the last 2 digits of the year in which a Wood Badge course is conducted.

  2. Ticket, ticket, ticket!  What is this ticket I keep hearing about?
    Answer:  The Wood Badge ticket is a list of personal goals that participants create for themselves during the course. These goals focus on implementing what the participant has learned during Wood Badge to improve Scouting over a period of up to eighteen months. Don't worry, you should NOT have a ticket with you when you come to Wood Badge! Your ticket will be written while on the course with the help of your troop guide and course staff.

  3. How can I find out what patrol I will be in?  Can I choose?
    Answer: Much of Wood Badge is about the Patrol Method. It is the forum for practicing the Leadership and Scout skills on course. Patrols will be assigned by the Course Director, based on many criteria including balancing the experience and background of the participants, and distributing people from the same district or units to different patrols. The Course Director will rarely, if ever, honor specific requests. It is best to not be too concerned about which patrol you will join - the purpose is to learn the patrol method, not be assigned a particular critter.

  4. Are both sessions of Wood Badge required?
    Answer:  Participants must attend all of the course activities in order to complete the practical phase of the training.  The course activities include 2 3-day weekend sessions, as well as at least two interim patrol meetings between Session I and Session II.  The number of interim patrol meetings is determined and scheduled by the individual patrols.

  5. What do I wear while at Wood Badge?
    Answer:  Participants are required to wear their full field uniform (Class A). An official course hat and neckerchief will be provided and must be worn.

  6. What does it cost to attend Wood Badge?
    Answer:  Currently, the fee for the Wood Badge training experience is $250.00. A reservation fee of $100.00 must be returned with your Letter of Intent.

  7. What time does a Wood Badge course start?
    Answer:  Day 1 of a Wood Badge course starts with check-in at 7:00 AM at the dining hall.

  8. Where do I park my car while at Wood Badge?
    Answer:  Participants should park their cars in the dining hall parking lot while attending Wood Badge.  For Session I, participants must bring and place all of their gear at the dining hall after parking their cars.  For Session II, instructions related to personal and patrol gear are provided during Session I.