Summer School on Speech Signal Processing (S4P) 2016    

S4P-Summer School on Speech Signal Processing is being organized as a part of summer school activities at Speech Research Lab, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar. It will provide opportunities to students, researchers and professionals to enhance their fundamentals and get exposed to cutting edge research areas in the field of speech signal processing. The schools constitute of a theme topic and tutorials surrounding it.

S4P, 2016 is targeted mainly towards graduate/post-graduate students, college teachers/faculty in educational institutions and scientists/researchers in research laboratories/industry who are interested in this area and would like to learn more about this area from some of the best researchers in the world.

FOCUS: Speech Source Modelling and its Applications

The speech signal is a result of filtering the excitation source signal with vocal tract system. The primary source of the excitation signal is produced by the vibration of vocal folds at the glottis. Many areas of speech processing techniques are based on this source-filter model. Speech excitation source is known to be the origin for several essential acoustic cues used in speech processing, such as fundamental frequency (pitch), glottal closure instant (epoch), prosodic features, turbulent flow, voice quality, speaking style, and speaker identity, which all contribute to the naturalness and expressiveness of speech. Pitch tracking, detection of epochs, estimation and modeling of glottal flow from a speech signal is very intricate due to nonlinear interactions of the source and system. In addition, estimation of source-based features is very challenging in noisy environments, emotional and singing voice. Most of the time, knowledge of source information is not effectively incorporated which results in the poor performance in applications such as speech synthesis, expressive speech processing, speaker recognition, voice conversion and voice-based biomedical engineering. Hence, the research to effectively incorporate source information will continue to grow which may lead to the better performance in various speech processing applications. This summer school is a step to fill this gap (first of its kind in India) and it will be highly benefited by talks from eminent speech processing researchers from academia, industry and research laboratories from India and abroad.

Poster for S4P 2016 can be downloaded from here.


- Schedule for 5 Min. Ph. D. Presentation

- On spot registration possible on July 04,2016

- For Gujarat Government Engineering College Faculties coming through Commissionerate of Technical Education, Gujarat State. We encourage you to upload your registration forms before June 30, 2016.

- On Spot Registration is possible on July 4, 2016. Please inform us in advance for preparation.

- Deadline for 5 Min PhD is extended till July 4, 2016. 

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