Summer School on Speech Signal Processing (S4P) 2018    

This year S4P is being organized as a satellite event of INTERSPEECH 2018, world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. It will provide opportunities to students, researchers and professionals to enhance their fundamentals and get exposed to cutting-edge research areas in the field of speech signal processing. The school constitutes of a theme topic and tutorials surrounding it. S4P 2018 is the fourth summer school at DA-IICT following the very successful earlier three summer schools, S4P 2017S4P 2016 and ASAP 2016 focusing on different topics in the broad area of speech signal processing.  

S4P 2018 is targeted mainly towards graduate/post-graduate students, college teachers/faculty in educational institutions and scientists/researchers in research laboratories/industry who are interested in this area and would like to learn more about this area from some of the best researchers in the world.

FOCUS: Speech Production                

Understanding and modeling phenomenon of speech production is an ongoing endeavor.  In particular, what it takes to throw tons of mass on the moon, modeling true speech production mechanism is much more sophisticated and challenging. Hence, there is no formal theory that explains all the configurations that are involved in producing an intelligible speech. However, we can get still much insight into speech mechanism with simplified analog and discrete models.

Speech chain involves various levels for speaker and listener, such as linguistic, physiological and acoustics. The sophistication in the production of speech involves mysterious coarticulation at both local and global-level, nonlinear source-filter interaction, variability in glottal source spectrum w.r.t. gender, articulatory motion, tongue model, large speech bandwidth (20 Hz - 7 kHz), high degree of redundancy in speech, significance of cross-modes in spectral tilt in sound wave propagation around (4-5 kHz ), changes in spectral tilt due to dynamic interaction of  pitch (F0) source harmonics with vocal tract spectrum, many-to-one mapping between articulatory position and acoustic waveform, dynamic nature of turbulence created at the excitation source and vocal tract system, highly complex vocal fold vibration, sound diffraction around head and lip radiation, etc. The inability in understanding these sophistications poses a significant scientific challenge to develop high-performance potential speech technologies, such as speech and speaker recognition, voice conversion, speech synthesis, emotion recognition, voice pathology classification, etc.

The aim of this summer school is to further advance our understanding of these challenging (and open) research issues. In this context, this event will be highly benefitted by invited talks from eminent speech processing researchers from academia, industry and R&D labs across the world. In addition, S4P 2018 is benefitted by world-renowned scientific committee. Furthermore, to encourage young talent, the school presents next edition of 5 Minute Ph.D. Thesis (5MPT) contest with three cash prizes (ISCA Supported) and present a special session on Doctoral Consortium Talks by four ISCA student members (in addition to few alumni) of Speech Research Lab at DA-IICT. 

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