Departure Checklist

Before You Depart

  • Notify your school when you will be leaving.
  • Ask for a copy of your transcript. You will use this copy when selecting courses at WHS after you arrive.
  • Sign a request to have an official copy of your transcripts sent to

Waynesville High School
ATTN: New Student Enrollment
200 G.W. Lane
Waynesville, MO 65583

  • Acquire a copy of your child's IEP if your child has special needs.
  • Find out the latest date your child can check out of school and receive full credit.
  • If you must depart prior to that date, ask if there is any way to complete credits after departure (independent study, work that can be completed and returned after departure).
  • Acquire a copy of your school's course catalog / course description booklet to assist in determining which courses to select upon arrival at WHS.
  • Get immunizations up to date.
  • Get your current physician to complete the physical form that you can download from this site.
  • Follow the checklist and complete the enrollment forms available on this site.
  • Check the WHS school calendar for key dates.
  • Hand carry the following information for each child:
    • birth certificate
    • social security number
    • child's military ID card
    • immunization records
    • report cards
    • copy of school transcript
    • IEPs for students with special needs

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:  If you are a sophomore or junior departing for another school, now would be a good time to request letters of recommendation from teachers you have worked with at WHS.  They can make the letters out to whom it may concern and then provide information about your performance and potential.  You can then use these letters for your college and scholarship applications.