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Suzuki SV650 Upper Triple Clamps for GSXR Conversion , Top Triple Clamp , Upper Yoke , Suzuki SV650 Suspension Upgrade

These triple clamps are specifically for any front end configuration with a 30mm fork offset, the most popular front end being the 06-09 GSXR 600/750 followed by the 04-05 GSXR 600/750.

Triples can be made for other GSXR front ends but they have different fork offsets and are very difficult to get a group buy going. This results in a higher cost of manufacture.
Please contact me on for more information.

All triples are designed using 3D modelling and CNC machined from billet aluminum. They retain all the stock SV650 triple clamp features like steering lock, bar riser mounts and instrument mounts but are adapted for GSXR front ends to make your conversion look like it came from the factory.

I have provided these triples to over 40 satisfied customers who will hopefully provide pics of their project bikes for this site.

All parts are designed and made in the USA

August 2012 - I have five triple clamps available - $227 incl shipping to continental USA

Gen2 SV650N

This is my current project - An 04 SVS that I'm converting to naked.

I've powder coated the frame, rebuilt the engine with ported heads and hayabusa pistons and installed a K6 GSXR rear wheel.

Gen1 SV650N


Example shown for K4/5 GSXR 600/750 Front End 



This triple retains the same dimensions and angles on the tank facing side to retain the clearances needed to fit an SV650 Scotts and other steering dampers.





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