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Published Applications:

Vista Game Explorer Editor Beta 2.14a

PC-Ping 2.0

Run Dialog Replacement 1.0

Auto TaskKiller 0.2

IP Worx Beta 1.4.1

Prime Number Finder 1.0

Shutdown 1.3


Code Snippets:

Run Command - Use this function to run (or shell) a program and grab it's output for use in your program. For instance - if I used it to run 'ping localhost' I could check the returned string for the existance of "Reply found" by using the InStr() function and act on that. Since I left halfway through making the text file it is messed up a bit. I'll just upload it as a class module at this stage for you to add to your project - keep checking back here for any updates to this project.

Create New Folder Path - In VB6, if you try to create a new folder that's too far nested in, you'll get an error. For example - if "C:\Program Files" exists, you could create the folder "C:\Program Files\MyApp" but you couldn't create "C:\Program Files\MyApp\Data\Sounds". Use this function to create new nested folders.

Pause Time - Sometimes in a VB6 app you'll need to wait a few seconds before moving onto the next part of code to avoid an error (for instance - waiting for a CD/DVD drive to become ready). Use this simple function to pause the execution of your code for a determined amount of seconds.

Send To SysTray - The functions in this text file allow you to send your application to the system tray. Remember to use a Me.Hide statement in conjuction with AddIconToTray and use a Me.Show in conjunction with the DeleteIconFromTray subroutine if you desire to use this effect.

MultiMedia Module - This is a VB class module that allows you play media files (sound and video). Most popular formats are supported and you can use the basic Play, Plause, Stop, etc commands.