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Video (5mb) - TDU Bug on certain roads (using an nVidia 8800GTS @ 320mb) - audio from NFS 5

TDU at Night (Video 6mb) - Trying to unlock the night weather effect. So far it only works indoors. (Working night mod and mist weather mods now exist).

TDU pictures from my ImageShack profile here.

Bookmarks - Put this file in your bookmark folder (My Documents\Test Drive unlimited\savegame\[username]\bookmark). You can copy individual bookmarks by opening the file in Notepad if you wish, but make sure that the first number in each line is unique (inbetween 0 and 63). This number corressponds to the jpeg files in the same folder. 


Creating Your Own Videos

Get a program called FRAPS. Install it and set it up. By default - the hotkey to start/stop recording gameplay is F9. For users with small HDDs - note that the videos will be incrediabally huge if you play at high resolutions, as they are uncompressed. A 3 minute video will take up around 1.6 GB of space.

Launch a program like VirtualDUB or Windows Movie Maker to compress your video and add background music. Find a balance between small file sizes and video quality.