TDU Canonball Race


The starting location for the Canonball Race will be at The Diner to the east of Kelekole Pass - simply because we had the best success rate of connecting 8 players together last time when we did that Group F cruise. Stay on the road (not in the carpark) so that everyone can connect to you.


Here are the locations you have to find, in no particular order:

1. The carpark outside the main entrance to Honalulu Intl Airport (north side). You must be inside the carpark.

2. The Pit Lane at Oahu Raceway

3. The boat at Eden Island (you must be on the pier, must use Teleport)

4. The crater house (must be next to fountain - jump available if you don't own house)

5. The fake Alfa Romeo dealership towards the west of the island (you must be inside)

6. Flower-bed roundabout at Hanauma Bay (you must be at roundabout)

7. Kawasaki Bike Dealership (you must be inside)

8. Barbers Point Golf Course (you must be offroad)

9. Mt. Kelekole (must be able to see mountain behind you)

10. Market carpark on west coast (must be in carpark)

11. European Bike Dealership (you must be inside carpark)

12. House that everyone crashes into - near the road leading to Kelekole Pass (must be on the grass)

13. Large highway that goes through mountain - connects East Oahu to Stadium (show pic at this location - either side of road is fine)

14. On top of the tunnel at Oneawa Hills

15. Observatory on the eastern peninsula

16. Lamborghini Dealership - Central Oahu (inside carpark)

17. Lookout point south of Saleen Dealer (inside enclosure)

18 - 22. Each of the 5 lighthouses.

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