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As I find great sites worth looking at, I'll publish links to them here with brief descriptions:

Experts-Exchange:  This forum provides one of the largest worldwide centres to ask and answer technical questions. To be able to ask questions that the experts can answer, you need to sign up as a member. You have two options on how you can do this:

 Option A  --  Sign up for Premium Services.
 Option B  --  Sign up as an expert. (Free)


Subservient Chicken:   Tell the chicken what to do - and he'll do it. Great fun until you run out of things to submit.


IE7Pro:  This add-on for Internet Explorer 7 removes almost all reasons for using FireFox or another browser. It gives you spell-checking, plug-ins, download links for YouTube videos, crash recovery, mouse gestures, super drag'n'drop, ad blockers, saves whole webpages as image files, download manager (pause and resume downloads), auto-page refresh and specified time interval, window resize (to different resolutions when creating pages), tab history, text recovery (never lose a post again), and loads more features.


Replacement Run Dialog:  This replaces the default Windows Run box when it is disabled by an administrator. It runs most programs and files, the look is based from the Vista Run box, and it fully integrates with the Windows Run box (shows and saves previous items that have been run. I made this up quickly if you ever need it - or if you really don't want to use it - just create a shortcut file to the item you want to run.


GameBurnWorld:  This website is your one-stop-site for all things games. There are trainers, cheats, PC No CD/DVD patches, and more. In most cases, you can legally use a No CD/DVD patch for PC games that you own in order to prevent damaging the disks. Some new PC games still require you to use the DVD if you want to access any online features.


Xfire:  This website allows you to download a simple messenger program that is compatible with most of your DirectX & OpenGL games. This allows you to press a key combination (such as Scroll-Lock + X) to bring up the main menu - where you can select from your online friends to chat with. The program also shows you what games (if any) your firends are playing, and on some games it allows you to automatically join the server they are playing on. The program gives you the advantage over other game players by enabling you to "whisper" to your firends.


NetMeter:  This small program tells you how much data you are uploading/downloading through your Network card and allows you to set alerts when specified limits are reached. NetMeter shows you figures for the current day, week, and month. It also shows you projected figures. 


Free Photo Enhancements:  For private users who don't have the time or money - simply send an email here containing the photo and a description of what you want done. Commercial organizations are requested to make contact using this address first to make arrangements. All the details are on the site.


Logitech G25:  If you've never driven a racing car before, then getting a G25 is the next best thing. The hand-stitched leather steering wheel has 900 degrees rotation and force feedback. There are 3 stainless-steel pedals (gas, brake & clutch), a 6-speed H-shifter, sequential shifter, and flappy-padals for F1 style racing. Note that this hardware requires a significant amount of RAM on top of the requirements of the games you will play with it. The price is a bit high - but you can usually buy one brand new from an Ebay store for almost half-price.


Giveaway of the Day:  This site provides various commercial software titles for free legally ever day. Sign up to the Email list or RSS feed to be informed what product is being given away each day.