What are my goals?

By Ingrid

What are my goals? Educational as well as in the personal aspect.

What is it that I have do to succeed in my desired career? My plans are clear when it comes to a career and the classes I must take,but not the kind of person I am, or yet to become. I am recently living in Richmond, CA and I feel that people underestimate me because of that. I like being different as long as it's for a good thing, I don't like people judging me because of where I'm from (Oakland, CA). Because they don't believe in me, I will prove those people wrong.


     Hi. My name is Ingrid. I am a student in the Summer Bridge program, in Richmond, CA. I am about to become a freshmen, and as a project my teacher, Mr. Mannix, has asks us, his students, to write an essay about our goals after high school and what to do during high school to achieve them.

My goal after high school is to become a professional crime scene investigator or be in the F.B.I. I would also love to help my parents, and buy them a house. I would like to grow independent economically as well as in responsibilities.


       How will I prepare myself in high school? In order to achieve my goals in high school, I will prepare myself by getting the best grades I possibly can. I would most likely take “law” as a class. I will most definetly try to hang out with the right people that have their mnds set as much as i do in passing all my test(CAHSEE, SAT), I will have to do real good in science and math to get into ap classes. Responsibility is a huge part of being successful and it will also help to show I can be independent. A great thing to do would be to make friends with my teachers to understand what they expect from me as a student, also a bonus would be a letter of recommendation. Because I want to go to U.C. Berkeley, I will need a letter of recommendation from my teachers . I am really aspiring to get a scholarship, so I won’t trouble my parents.


        Even though I am still uncertain about a lot of things, I am positive college and a career is what I want for my life. After seeing my parents work so hard, I want to liberate them. Thank you for taking the time to read my essay about my goals. I hope you take the time to review your goals, and complete them.


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