Alexander Y. Ryss, PhD, DSc

Principal Researcher-Nematologist
Zoological Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences
Universitetsakaya naberezhnaya, 1
199034 St. Petersburg, Russia

Research  Topics
Phylogeny and taxonomy of plant parasitic nematodes: Tylenchomorpha: families Pratylenchidae, Aphelenchoididae, Aphelenchidae, Anguinidae

Taxonomy, plant-parasitic nematodes 


Morphology and molecular biological technologies .

Research experience

2014-2016:  Grant of Russian Science Foundadtion 2014-2016:  14-14-00621 Evolution of parasites in natural and antropogenic transformed ecosystems: analysis and prognosis. Project Leader: Prof. K.V. Galaktionov, Zoological Institute RAS.   Эволюция паразитов при естественной и антропогенно-обусловленной трансформации экосистем: анализ и прогноз, Руководитель: Галактионов К. В.

2015-2016: Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research РФФИ-2015: 15-04-07559 [Study of the host range of bacteria associated with the nematodes of the genus Bursaphelenchus (Nematoda: Aphelenchida) caused the epiphitoties of conifer afforestations]  Изучение видовой специфичности бактерий, связанных с нематодами рода Bursaphelenchus (Nematoda: Aphelenchida), вызывающими эпифитотии хвойных насаждений. Project Leader: Dr. O.N.Kulinich, Center of Parasitology RAS, Moscow

2010-2013: Grant ITC: Molecular identification and the development of the database and research group to study the National Collection of the plant parasitic nematodes of Russian Federation; Leadership: Institute of Phytopathology  Moscow (molecular identification, plant parasitic nematodes, nematode collection, database of faunae records)

2010– 2012:  Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research: Bacterial symbionts of the transmissive juveniles of Bursaphelenchus nematodes. Project Leader O.N.Kulinich, :   Center of Parasitology ·RAS and 2 academic institutions (Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Bursaphelenchus, nematode, bacteria)

2005–2014: State Program World Ocean, Section "Fauna and flora of Antarctic. Nematodes from lichens and mosses". The Program Leadership: Prof. Markov, Arctic and Anatarctic Institute, Research group was  a cluster of institutions, including Zoological Institute RAS and Botanical Institute RAS · St Petersburg 


2008 -  DSc Thesis (Zoology) defended at the Zoological Institute RAS. Title of DSc Thesis: 

[Classification, morphology and evolution of the plant parasitic nematodes of the families Pratylenchidae (order Tylenchida), Aphelenchoididae and Parasitaphelenchidae (order Aphelenchida)] (In Russian) / "Классификация, морфология и эволюция фитонематод семейств Pratylenchidae (отряд Tylenchida), Aphelenchoididae и Parasitaphelenchidae (отряд Aphelenchida)"

1983 - PHD Thesis (Zoology) defended in St. Petersburg State University. Title of PhD Thesis:

 [Root lesion plant parasitic nematodes of the family Pratylenchidae and the problems of evolution of the superfamily Hoplolaimoidea] (In Russian) /   "Корневые паразитические нематоды семейства Pratylenchidae и вопросы эволюции надсемейства Hoplolaimoidea"

 1976 - until now: researcher in plant nematology at the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
1976 - Master of Science (Biology). Master Thesis entitled:
["Biology and Morphology of the hermaphrodite generation of two trematode species of the family Echinostomatidae"] (with highest voting) (In Russian) / "Биология и морфология гермафродитного поколения двух видов трематод семейства Echinostomatidae" (оценка отлично)   

1971-1976 - Education St Petersburg State University (formerly Leningrad State University; Department of Invertebrate Zoology.

1961-1971 - Secondary School in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) with special courses in Physics and Mathematics