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  • [学生室紹介] 西田研学生室の第1次備品配備計画が概ね完了しました。 西田研学生室の第1次備品配備計画が概ね完了しました。昨年末に発注した学生室用の備品を概ね配備し終えたので、ご紹介します。こんな雰囲気で、原則としてフリーアドレスです。いま、第2次備品配備計画として、学生の生産性向上のためのアイテム導入を計画しています。秋学期からまたたくさん学生さんが増えますので、机や椅子も増やします。進学等の参考にしてください。ちなみに昨日のゼミ終了後、学部生、留学生、修士、博士院生の有志で、カレーを食べに行きました。
    投稿: 2017/04/19 19:34、Ryosuke Nishida
  • 2017年4月26日(水)社会・人間科学系・コース説明会&研究室公開 2017年4月26日(水)に社会・人間科学系・コースの説明会が実施され、その後研究室公開があります。西田研も参加しています。あわせて個別の進学相談にも応じますので、こちらについては修士課程、博士課程ともに事前にアポを取ってください。なお上記は2017年度 東京工業大学環境・社会理工学院 社会・人間科学コース説明会開催スケジュールです。元のサイトはこちら。http://educ.titech.ac.jp/shs/admissions/
    投稿: 2017/04/14 2:06、Ryosuke Nishida
  • 西田研究室の活動が本格的にスタートしました。 2017年4月をもって、修士、博士の学生が入学し、西田研究室としての活動を本格的にスタートしました。とくに修士、博士の学生については、3月末にオリエンテーションをすませているので、入学早々本格的に研究、学修活動を開始できています。
    投稿: 2017/04/08 7:34、Ryosuke Nishida
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Ryosuke NISHIDA Lab.@titech

  • This site is for the laboratory of Dr. Ryosuke NISHIDA in Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. NISHIDA is a Japanese sociologist studying democracy and its popularization, online election campaign, public and local governance for public relations, youth participation for politics, public and private social welfare system, ”Workless Society,” journalism, and surf culture in Japan...etc.  He is an associate professor at Institute for Liberal Arts, and School of Environment and Society Department of Social and Human Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology. HIs doctoral degree is Ph.D (Media and Governance) from Keio University, Japan. He loves surfing and driving a car! If you want to know his recent daily life and works, Please check the blog and twitter (however mainly using Japanese...) 
  • The site is Under Construction...However you can inquire if you have an interest to join his laboratory as a master or doctoral course student, post doctoral research scientist. It is same that you have something idea to collaborate with us.  
  • We welcome students from abroad interested in society, social issues, politics and democracy, and culture in Japan.
  • PLEASE contact to "ryosukenishida[at]gmail.com"([at] to @).

■ To message for everyone who wish to join the lab.

  • You should be thinking about your research by yourself with discussing the society and academia, and make new findings and logic about your research, and publish your achievement, and explore your new carrier.  I hope strongly that you should be.
  • Minimum obligation of NISHIDA Lab.@titech: Master course students should be well informed about your issue than anyone else. Doctoral course student should be well informed about your issue, your method, your field than anyone else. Of course both conditions includes your research supervisor. I hope strongly that you should be. 
  • If you are interested in and wish to join NISHIDA Lab.@titech, please contact me before the application an entrance test. Especially everyone wish to doctoral course have to discuss your research theme and your vision before the public application. 
  • Titech have many scholarship programs. Please check here.
  • The entrance test of titech includes to submit a official score sheet of English test as TOEIC and TOEFL etc. Please confirm the entrance description documant.
  • Reseach Students: Nishida lab. welcome research students because of preparation to entrance exam the lab. and titech for 1 year as general. There are twice tests. At first informal meeting with Dr. Nishida. Second an official interview with three faculties including Dr.Nishida. Please contact more information and the detail of interview.

■ More information about Dr. Ryosuke NISHIDA

■ About an entrance gude to Tokyo Institute of Technology