Who Is Rylo?

Rylo Incorportated  is a South Dakota corporation that was developed in 2006.  We have a small group of shareholders that includes family and friends.
President- Lorri A. Riley, DPM.  Dr. Riley was born and raised on a ranch in the Belle Fourche area.  Her parents, Glenn and Ardis Riley still ranch west of Belle Fourche.  Lorri developed foot problems in 1984 in which she had to have total reconstructive surgery of both her feet.  This is what led her into pursuing Podiatry.  She graduated from Black Hills State University in 1987 and from Des Moines University in 1991 with her DPM degree (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine).
Dr. Riley started the Black Hills Foot Clinic in 1992.  She started the Spearfish Surgery Center in 1995.  She was also part of several other businesses during this time.   She decided it was time to move on and therefore, moved around the country and ended up in St. Petersburg Florida.  This is where she started another podiatry practice called Bayside Podiatry. 
Along with the practice at Bayside Podiatry, Dr. Riley ran clinical tests on ThinNail®, a topical treatment for thick, discolored nails.  (www.thinnail.comThe patent on ThinNail® was obtained in 2005 and since the studies were so successful, she was encouraged and assisted by Angie Albonico to take ThinNail® to market.    ThinNail was finally ready to market in 2008!
Vice President- Angela Albonico  Angie is from Cartersville, Ga.  Angie and Lorri met in Flordia.  Angie helped Dr. Riley started her podiatry practice in 2004.  Lorri and Angie became the best of friends.  Together along with other share holders they formed Rylo Inc.  
Angie is the wife to Robert and mother to 3 kids.  Taea, Micah and Jarek.  She has been a part of many business and really enjoys coming up with new ideas to improve peoples lives.  
Angie is a Certified Zumba Instructor (www.blackhillszumba.com)  and loves helping people stay healthy and have fun at the same time! 
Our goal is to provide products that help people!  Please click on our tabs on the left to learn more about our products. 
Rylo, Inc.  "Innovating Products, Improving Lives".