Seller Benefits

We maintain a competitive advantage by providing a value added customer service such as:

1. Receiving cattle 24 hours, 7 days a week

2.Our Accidental Livestock Insurance protection coverage starts from the time the consigned livestock touch ground at our yard until sold.

3. Our computerized office operation allows us to better serve our sellers by computing sales quicker and efficiently.

4.We have a selected list of cattle haulers to assist our sellers in getting their cattle to our market.

5. We also have a list of cowboys who can assist you in working your cattle at your ranch.

6. We co-host clinics and seminars to enhance our knowledge in our rapidly changing cattle industry.

7. We host and co-host special cattle sales which have been well accepted by our customers.

8. Our customer outreach is the most extensive in South Texas. So whether large or small, our sellers are able to take advantage of a greater market place, who's objective is to maximize the net sales returns.

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Important Notices

P.O.'s (Pass-Outs)
All P.O.'s must be done before livestock in question leaves the sale ring.

Downer Cattle
For those cattle that go down after they have been unloaded at R.Y. Livestock Sales Inc. and assuming that the market personnel have not done anything to cause the animal to go down, U.S.D.A.'s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration has advised us that the seller of that animal retains title to that animal until said animal is sold and any cost associated with the disposal of that animal is the responsibility of the seller.

Insurance Coverage
Our livestock insurance policy will provide protection for livestock while on R.Y. Livestock Sales Inc. premises for accidents only.

**We act as agents only, we do not guarantee consigned livestock**