Update, May 2015:
I began compiling this website in the summer of 2013, having lived in the Ryburn Valley since the previous January.  During the course of its existence many exciting things happened for me personally, professionally and poetically - not least my introduction to the poetry and literary circles of the area, my getting to know many of our wonderful writers and poetry readers, and the publication of my debut poetry collection.  In February 2015 I decided to up sticks and move a few short steps up the road to the Bolton Brow area of Calderdale - so no longer in the Ryburn Valley - and thus decided that my essay Ripponden's Charms, posted the following month just before my move, would be the final essay here on Ryburn Ramblings.  These pages will be succeeded by a new website hopefully to appear later this year, which will be similar ... but different!
Producing this site was a source of great joy to me and encompassed two very eventful years.  I would like to thank everyone who read it, who passed favourable comments or constructive criticism, who sent in poems and who helped to promote.  The essays will hopefully find their different ways to eventual publication but I plan to retain them on here for posterity, knowing therefore that even if each one subsequently ends up appearing in different books, anthologies or pamphlets, they all remain somehow rooted together in the happy family of Ryburn Ramblings.

Simon Zonenblick, 22nd May 2015

Original Opening Words:

I am a poet living in the Ryburn Valley, Yorkshire. My writing has appeared in journals such as Acumen, The New Writer, Iota and Tears in the Fence, and my first collection, Little Creatures (Poems of insects, small mammals and micro-organisms) was published in April 2013.

In between my own writing, working as a library assistant, casual gardener gardener and occasional book stall-holder, I find the time to comment and reflect on poetry and related spheres. This site collects some of these reflections in the section entitled "Rambles, Reviews and Recommendations," as well as horticultural essays which appear under "Lull'd in these Flowers" (see left hand side panels for these sections). Local readers are invited to send poetry to caterpillarpoetry@gmail.com for the "Local Poetry" section. Those from further afield will also be able to contribute poems to the forthcoming Caterpillar Poetry website.

Simon Zonenblick, July 2013.