SS12 Audio Preview

SS12 Programming Competition 2011

The SS12 Programming Competition is an annual, 2-day competition where teams, both undergraduate and graduate, develop open source software targeted at users of varying physical and mental disabilities.

Our entry was a Java applet that allowed visually disabled or impaired users to preview what the acoustics would sound like in a given seat at a concert venue. We did this through conducting various calculations based on seat distance and instrument layout of the symphony to alter MIDI channels of a MIDI song appropriately and then playing back the result for the user. After the initial design and planning, my main focus was on developing the classes that dealt with opening the MIDI files, modifying their channels based on acoustic information sent to me by my teammates, and playing the MIDI files.

SS12 is an event organized by Project Possibility.

More info on our project and the source code can be found on our Google Code Site.