As of Sept. 13, MTG has received sign-up information for the indoor season.  The next step will be for you to indicate availability for the season; you'll get an e-mail about that towards the end of the month.

Final schedules should be available early to mid-October.

If you have any questions, please contact your group coordinator (Phil for group 1, Joe or Bob Graham for group 2, Lou D'Onofrio for group 3--but only temporary; we still a need a full-time group 3 coordinator, or a couple of group 3 guys willing to share that duty).


WE HAVE RENAMED OUR GROUPS (as of outdoor season, 2014):
  • Previous 1A will be group 1 (coordinator: Phil Pastore)
  • Previous 1B will be group 2 (coordinators: Joe Pegnataro and Bob Graham)
  • Previous 2 (or 2A) will be group 3 (coordinator: TBD)
Our schedules and sub requests are now handled via (abbreviation: MTG).  Go there and log in with the user name and password sent from that site. 
To view and/or download a copy of our latest user guide (last updated in May, 2013) for how to use, click on "mtg instructions7b.pdf" in the lower left of this page.
We are a group of senior men, largely from Madison and Guilford but with a number of players from surrounding towns as well, who play doubles indoors (October-April) at the Madison Racquet Club and outdoors (May-October) mostly on Guilford and Madison public courts. Before 2007 we played on private courts. In summer, 2007, we became sponsored by the Madison Beach and Recreation Department. In 2008, we expanded significantly, using as many as 3 Madison town courts and 2 private courts, with games scheduled  Monday through Friday. After a number of court changes, as if 2015 we use town and school courts in Guilford and Madison.
Richard Yanowitz,
May 8, 2013, 9:51 PM