I am currently a Visiting Instructor at Wabash College as well as a graduate student at Indiana University-Bloomington. 

I am on the job market this year and will be available for interviews at the ASSA conference in January.


My primary research focus is international trade.  In particular, I am interested in how trade agreements effect trade margins and also how  agreements are reached in the first place.   Trade agreements do more than lower tariffs, and I look at how Colombian firms respond not only to tariff cuts, but also to reductions in uncertainty over future tariffs.   Moving past bilateral agreements, my research also looks at the role of market power in WTO negotiations.  Taken together, my work aims to describe how trade agreements are formed and then their subsequent effect on trade patterns. 


As a Visiting Instructor at Wabash College, I have immersed myself into the liberal arts environment.  I have had students come to me for feedback on their proposal for a senior thesis and students asking for information on what majoring in economics entails.  The small class sizes and the liberal arts environment allows for discussions of philosophy, history, and other subjects when they relate to economics topics.

As an Associate Instructor at Indiana University, I was able to teach a wide range of classes. I taught an international trade elective, my research field, as well intermediate macroeconomics.  Although the experience at a large research institution is different than my Wabash experience the goals of my course are still the same; engage students in critical thinking and help to improve their writing and presentation skills.