TitanPV2 / PV2Challenger

Retrieve your challenges from your camcorder!

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2006





     One-Click Setup

     AutoDetect with Installer




What Is It?

TitanPV2 and PV2Challenger are utilities made for the One-Time-Use Cameras.  Both will quickly and easily grab your challenge codes from your camera.  Just download it, plug in your camera, and run it.  It will spit out a formatted "cronuskeys.txt" file.  After running the challenges through CronusKeys (not included), you can then unlock your camera!

How it works

TitanPV2 is similar to Titan.  It is based off PV2Fetch, by BillW.   

Enigma- made PV2challenger for Linux.  Visit enigma-'s site at www.theironknuckle.com

For More Information, please see the Titan/Saturnchallenger page.

Special Thanks To:

BillW, for creating PV2Fetch in the first place and helping me extensively throughout the process

 enigma-. for coming up with the idea originally, and creating SaturnChallenger and PV2Challenger



This would be impossible to do without the efforts of all of the people at http://camerahacks.10.forumer.com/Visit there often for new information.



You can download SaturnChallenger, Titan, and others at the Download page