Titan / SaturnChallenger

Retrieve your challenges from your camcorder!

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2006





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What Is It?

Titan and SaturnChallenger are utilities made for the CVS/Rite Aid One-Time-Use Camcorders.  Both will quickly and easily grab your challenge codes from your camcorder.  Just download it, plug in your camera, and run it.  It will spit out a formatted "cronuskeys.txt" file.  After running the challenges through CronusKeys (not included), you can then unlock your camcorder!

How it works

Titan is a stripped down version of Ceres, written by BillW.  Ceres is originally for enabling Mass Storage Mode on the older versions of cameras.  I took out those parts, and added a section of code to log the output.  The first version required the help of two external programs, one to convert the output to hex, and another to parse the hex into four lines.  Thanks to Rammer, Titan does it all by itself now. Versions 0.1x only supported the older cameras. Now, with tons and tons of help from BillW, starting with versions 0.2 support the newer cameras also. 

Enigma- made Saturnchallenger for Linux.  It is based off of OPS for Linux, which he also contributes to.  Now, with help from mconbere, Saturnchallenger is ported to OS X.  Visit enigma-'s site at www.theironknuckle.com

Special Thanks To:

BillW, for creating Ceres in the first place and helping me extensively throughout the process

Rammer, for setting me on the right path with outputting the keys in Hex and formatting them correctly

enigma-. for coming up with the idea originally, and creating SaturnChallenger


Titan was created with the free Borland Compiler.  You can download it here.  Original Ceres and Titan source code is included. 

SaturnChallenger can be compiled in Linux, using "gcc -o saturnchallenger *.c -lusb"

This would be impossible to do without the efforts of all of the people at http://camerahacks.10.forumer.com/Visit there often for new information.



You can download SaturnChallenger, Titan, and others at the Download page