One-Click Setup

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2006







     One-Click Setup

     AutoDetect with Installer




This is another way to install OPS and set up the drivers for the Camcorders - automatically. Sorry, so far only for Windows.

This is a autohotkey based script that will:
1. Download latest drivers

2. You can select any combination of OPS, Titan, Ceres, PV2Tool, PV2Fetch, TitanPV2, Autolauncher, CamcorderMenu, and PV2Menu to download, and it will grab the latest version for you.

3. Extract the files into (default) the My Documents folder, but can be anywhere you want

4. Prompt the user to plug in the camera

5. Automatically setup the drivers for the camcorder - No messing around with the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' anymore!

I made this because I found that most people had difficulties with either getting the latest OPS version, or driver issues. Hopefully, this will end those problems.  Make sure you don't have any drivers already installed for the camera, I'm not sure what will happen if you do.


You can download this one the Download Page