Last Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2006






     One-Click Setup

     AutoDetect with Installer




Revisions to the software are listed in the Changelog

Titan / SaturnChallenger

Titan, version 0.2      Latest version for Windows

Titan, version 0.1c

Titan, version 0.1b

Titan, version 0.1a

SaturnChallenger for Linux 7.0 - By enigma-   Latest version for Linux

SaturnChallenger for Linux 6.9 - By enigma- 

SaturnChallenger for Linux 3.6 - By enigma-

SaturnChallenger for Linux 0.1 - By enigma-

 SaturnChallenger for OS X 6.9 - By enigma- and compiled by mconbere    Latest Version for OS X


TitanPV2 / SaturnChallenger

TitanPV2 0.1     Latest Version For Windows

PV2Challenger 0.1  - By enigma-     Latest Version For Linux

OPS for Linux

OPS For Linux 14

One-Click Setup

One-Click Setup 0.4     Latest Version for Windows

One-Click Setup 0.3

One-Click Setup 0.2

One-Click Setup 0.1


AutoDetect with Installer

AutoDetect with Installer 2.0     Latest version for Windows

AutoDetect with Installer 1.0

AutoDetect BETA


Autorun Launcher

Autorun Launcher       Latest version for Windows