Ryan C. Taylor's Academic Webpage


 My Interests

My own interests are:

  • Information structure
  • Prosody 
  • Pronouns
  • ERP
  • Eyetracking


I'm presently a PhD at the University of Groningen working with John Hoeks.

Previously I was  a Master's student in the Erasmus Mundus Clinical Linguistics Programme from September 2007 until September 2008. I was at Groningen and Potsdam.

From fall 2006—2007 I was a research assistant for Roberto de Almeida at the Psycholinguistics and Cognition Lab. I created experiments, did statistical analyses, helped with the construction of stimulus lists, and ran participants .

I also worked for Gary Libben, with whom I did my honour's degree, at the Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics (CCP) at the University of Alberta. In my capacity as a research assistant I helped out Rachèl Kemps, Susanne Borgwaldt, and Patrick Bolger. I also worked as a T.A. Both the CCP and Psycholinguistics and Cognition labs are part of the Mental lexicon collaboration.