The Little Veal Cutlet

That Couldn't

When cow Betsy meets her fate at the slaughterhouse, her son

lives on--at least until he ends up dinner at a posh country club.

By Ryan Forsythe



The book has the appearance of a children’s book, 

told in rhyme and complete with illustrations by Cleveland artist Cassie Hart.  

 But parents should not be fooled— the book deals with some serious issues, 

including the treatment of cows in the production of milk and veal.


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Check out Mike Mannix's review of the book in Humboldt County's free alt-weekly, 

the Northcoast Journal.


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The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't

by Ryan Forsythe    illustrated by Cassie Hart

Published in the United States by Whole Wheat Books, Klamath

30 pages; full color 8.25" x 8.25"

ISBN  1-4404-33313-3

EAN-13  978-1-4404-3313-3

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