THE H.S.U. M.A.T.W. F.A.Q.
(The Frequently Asked Question)





The rules can change at any minute.  This is what they were on November 9 at 3:08pm.  If you are pursuing the degree at a different minute, you are advised to seek confirmation of this information. 

The Question: What form is due when--and to whom?

 1) Advancement to Candidacy form (available here)    

DUE DATE: As soon as you've received 15 credits.  Turn in with #2 and #3 below



 2) Approved Graduate Course list ( available here)

(If you have taken more than 15 courses, you'll also need 'Approved Graduate Course list continued' available here)

 Also, if you don't understand what all those letters stand for, go here

DUE DATE: Spring, the year before you graduate



3)  Thesis or Project Proposal Form (available here)

If you don't know which you are applying for, click here for definitions of thesis and project.

 DUE DATE: Spring, the year before you graduate



4) Unbound Project Approval (available here)

 DUE DATE: as soon as you're done with your Unbound Project, but no later than May 10, December 10, or August 10 in the semester you wish to graduate.



5) Application for Graduation

Only available at the Office for Research & Graduate Studies, Siemens Hall 130.

 DUE DATE: very early in year you wish to graduate  (To graduate Spring 2008, due date is Aug 31, 2007, if you wish to save $10.  

BUT if you have $10 to spare, due date is very early in semester you wish to graduate (To graduate Fall 2007, due date is Aug 31, 2007; to graduate Spring 2008, due date is Feb 5, 2008)

Yes, grad school can be confusing.  It doesn't have to be, mind you. But sometimes it's hard to know when a certain form is due--for example, when neither the websites nor the forms themselves say so.  And so that's why I offer this handy cheatsheet, answering the one frequently asked question (yes, it's true--there is only one frequently asked question--at least in English 600): What form is due when--and to who?