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                    Sacagawea was the most important member of The Corps of Discovery and the reason The Corps succeeded in their mission. If you read my links you will see why this is and maybe learn something you did not know! In the research I have done I found a few unknown things and things that Idid not know!  Everybody knows of Sacagawea (or they should) as the Shoshone Indian woman who greatly helped The Lewis and Clark Expedition. How have you been pronouncing Sacagawea's name? Her name is not pronounced Sac-a-ja-weh-a, that's a common misconseption. The name is really pronounced Sa-caw-ga-way-a and is interpreted to 'birdwoman' for the birds she loved and took care of!  During the studies I have conducted I have come across quite a bit of information on the Indian woman of The Lewis and Clark Expedition, or The Corps of Discovery.   I hope that with the information I have provided in the links at the bottom of this screen, you can learn somthing new or find an answer to one of your questions. Have a nice day and happy web surfing! 

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