My main research focus on image retrieval-related area. I consider that there are many very important problems in this research area, such as image annotation, image ranking and content feature extraction. The following parts will show my research on these main problems.

 Web Image Annotation

"Bipartite Graph Reinforcement Model for Web Image Annotation", ACM Multimedia 2007

"A Search-Based Web Image Annotation Method", IEEE ICME 2007
"Multi-Progressive Model for Web Image Annotation", ACM Multimedia 2008

"Multi-Graph Similarity Reinforcement for Image Annotation Refinement", IEEE ICIP 2008

"Image Annotation using Semantic Clusters from Flikcr", International Conference on Visual Information Engineering (VIE’08)

"SRIA: A Statistical Approach for Realistic Image Annotation
", Beijing-Hong Kong Doctoral Forum 2008

 Personal Image Annotation

“Image Annotations Based On Semi-Supervised Clustering With Semantic Soft Constraints”,  PCM 2006

“A New Approach for Automatic Image Annotation based on Semantic Clustering and Graph Algorithm”, Journal of Image and Graphics, 2007
 Image Retrieval


“SocialRank: A Ranking Model For Web Image Retrieval In Web 2.0”, IEEE ICME 2008 [Detail]

 Visual Concept Detection


"Feature Annotation for Visual Concept Detection in ImageCLEF 2008", Working Notes for the CLEF 2008 Workshop

“Overview of the ImageCLEF 2007 Object Retrieval Task”, Working Notes for the CLEF 2007 Workshop

Besides image retrieval, I also attracted by many other research and engineering topics,  such as commercial intelligence, hot topic detection, personalized service. For the first one, we aim to provide product search system to have a more convenient online shopping experience.  The  other two research topics are supported by 863, NNSFC in P.R.C.

 Commerical  Intelligence

Design and implemet algorithms for the commercial intelligence system, such as web object classification, clustering, correlation analysis and abnormal Detection.
 Hot Topic Detection


 Personalized Recommandation

"An Online Topic-Level User Interest Model for Personalized Recommendation", Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2008

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