Xiaoguang Rui (芮晓光)

Analytics & Optimization, IBM Research - China
link: http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view.php?person=cn-ruixg
Xiaoguang Rui is now Researcher in IBM Research-China. He received Ph.D degree in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science (EEIS), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).

My research interests include information retrieval, image annotation, image retrieval and ranking, and pattern recognition, machine learning. Read More...

1. "Zhu Li Yue Hua" Scholarship from Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010
2. "Aisino Love Scholarship", sponsored by Aisino Corporation, 2008
3. USTC Postgraduate Innovation Foundation, 2007  [Link]
4. "Microsoft Fellowship" sponsored by Microsoft, 2007 [Link]
5. Outstanding Student Paper Award in the 13th National Conference on Image and Graphics, 2006
6. USTC outstanding student scholarships, 2001-2004

Selected Publications (a complete list)
1. Xiaoguang Rui, Nenghai Yu, Jimin Jia, Mingjing Li, “SocialRank: A Ranking Model For Web Image Retrieval In Web 2.0”, ICME 2008. (Oral) [Detail]
2. Fang He, Nenghai Yu, Xiaoguang Rui, "Multi-Progressive Model for Web Image Annotation", ACM Multimedia 2008. (Short Paper)
3. Xiaoguang Rui, Mingjing Li, Zhiwei Li, Wei-Ying Ma, Nenghai Yu, "Bipartite Graph Reinforcement Model for Web Image Annotation", ACM Multimedia 2007. (Full paper)