Constitution (Banquo's Chair)


By-Laws & Constitution
       Stage Company is the student run theatre club that is dedicated to facilitating the involvement of students in all aspects of theatre. It is the goal of the club to give each member as many opportunities to participate in the performing arts as possible. The club is open to all students and faculty with an interest in theatrical production. Each semester Stage Co. produces one full show with an emphasis on student run productions.


Article I

Section I: Club Officers

            The duties of Stage Company officers are to preside over the club meetings, secure all promotional manners, keep a running account of the financial standings and budget, and to increase membership.

Section II: Officer Positions

PRESIDENT: Presides over all Stage Company meetings. He/she is also responsible for communicating the events and results of meetings to the theatre faculty and the student senate. He/she is the club’s student representative and is the voice of the club. Along with these duties, He/she oversees the Stage Company Productions each semester.

VICE PRESIDENT: Will stand in for the president in case of unavailability. He/she will also assist the president in overseeing productions and club meetings.

SECRETARY: Shall document the minutes of each club meeting and will correspond all happenings of the club to the members through postings and e-mail notifications.

TREASURER: In charge of all financial matters and budgets. Works closely with the president and reports all calculations to the Student Senate.

PROMOTIONS CHAIR: Responsible for all publicity for events and productions for the club. He/she is also in charge of community involvement on and off campus.

Article II

ADVISOR DUTIES: To be available to answer all questions pertaining to the theatre and to attend any meetings of Stage Company at the request of the members.



 Article I

The name of this club shall be Stage Company.

Article II

The club officers of the following year shall be elected in the last month of the spring semester of each academic year.

Article III

The executive board will consist of: the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Promotions Chair.

Article IV

One main production will be put up every semester featuring one-acts/10 minute plays, variety acts, or the latter.

Article V

The beginning of the first semester and the end of the second semester Stage Company will host the Barn Picnic to welcome new members and introduce the theatre faculty, or to look back on the past year’s accomplishments with the entire theatre department.

Article VI

Regarding Banquo’s chair: No living or inanimate thing should be placed, leaned, sat in, or breathed upon ever. This chair is solely for the use of the Barn Ghost, Banquo. It is permanently reserved upstairs in the gallery for him. Anyone found in violation of this article will have to answer to Banquo themselves.