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Town Hall of Walkersville
Located at:
Walkersville Town Hall
21 West Frederick St
Walkersville, MD 21793
(Google map below)

Working for the citizens of the Town of Walkersville for the past 14 years has been my pleasure, and a commitment. In 1998, I was asked if I was interested in applying to fill a spot on the Town's Board of Appeals. I immediately applied and was appointed.

My interest in serving the Town has never diminished!

I was next appointed to the town's Planning Commission in 2001, where I have helped the Town through two Comprehensive Plan updates. In 2008, I ran for, and was elected, Commissioner in a special election to fill the vacancy of Jim Reid. In 2009 and 2012, during general elections, I have been re-elected.

Issues I am concerned about:


The citizens of Walkersville
either grew up in this rural town, or moved into this community because of the unique rural nature of th
is town. Surrounded by farmland, Walkersville is a small town that still sees all of our children going to the same Middle and High Schools, has the Fire Department involved in parades when the high school football team wins, and the grocery clerks at the Safeway still thank you by name. We need to preserve this, and I will work to ensure our town remains “rural”.




Been on the congested roads lately (of course you have)? Did you know that our water supply comes from an underground aquifer with an uncertain supply and disputed availability? Have you seen all the portables going up on our school grounds? All of these issues point to the fact that we simply cannot afford to be complacent when further pressure to develop is requested. I will work to ensure that no further loads are put upon our infrastructure.

Proper land use management i.e. maintaining the agricultural nature of the
land around Walkersville, and not allowing it to become diluted with other non-agricultural uses is paramount in ensuring our rural nature remains intact, and our infrastructure will not be further strained if not overwhelmed. I will work to keep our greenbelt green!

"Working to Protect Walkersville's future.....NOW!!!"