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RWIB Reason Why I Believe Blog*.

                                                        Did Moses Write the Pentateuch?
Mary in the Church Fathers
                                             Exodus, Israel’s Beginnings
                                                        Gospel Infancy Narratives
                                             Matthew, the Church's Gospel
                                             Morality Novellas

Origin of the New Testament
                                             Psalms The Temple Songbook
Psalms The Temple Songbook
                                                        Prophets, Israel's Conscience
Shrines and Apparitions
                                             The Creation and the Flood Myths

                                             The Covenant and the Conversion of the Jews
The Lectionary Why not the Bible?
                                             The Real Presence

                                             The Sin of Christian Zionism
What Are the Gospels?
                                             What Is The Bibile?

                                             What is the Communion of Saints
                                             Who are the Brothers and Sisters of the Lord?
                                             Who is St Paul?
                                             Why Baptize Infants?
                                             Why Are the Catholic Bibles Different?
                                             Why Bishops, Priests, and Deacons?
                                            Why Pray for the Dead?
                                             Why the Roman Catholic Church?

                                               Note: More pamphlets to be added over the next weeks ahead.

*The RWIB Reason Why I Believe blog is a memorial serialization of pamphlets on the biblical foundations of the Catholic Church written May 2008 to Nov 2010 by Deacon Paul Carlson of Minneapolis, Minnesota's St Lawrence Catholic Church / Newman Center, a Paulist Foundation. (St Lawrence is the Catholic Church of Southeast Minneapolis and is right in the heart of "Dinkytown USA".)

The free pamphlets were written by Deacon Paul Carlson at the request of than Pastor/Director Fr John J. Behnke, who asked Deacon Paul to write brief answers to questions University students often encountered as Catholics.

A couple of weeks before Deacon Paul's death, he said: "If there are any financial gains made from the blog serialization of my pamphlets, please have the money given to St. Lawrence Parish and Newman Center or Paulist Fathers, because what they do is so important." If you can, send memorials to St. Lawrence Parish and Newman Center or Paulist Fathers at 1203 Fifth Street, S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414.

Remember Deacon Paul Carlson in your prayers, as well as all the other souls of the faithful departed, who have died in the grace of Jesus Christ.