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Beta Versions

The Beta program for SharpCap 3.0 has ended. Please upgrade to the released version of SharpCap 3.0.

About SharpCap Beta

Beta versions of SharpCap have had less testing than usual and may contain unfinished or experimental features. If you choose to use a beta version of SharpCap, please test the cameras and functionality you intend to use before an observing session to avoid frustration and lost observing time. You can install a beta version of SharpCap without having to uninstall the previous release version, so it's easy to have both on the same machine and switch between them.

All beta versions have a built in time limit - they will only work up until a particular date (usually they have a life of a month or two). If your beta version runs out, check back at this page for an updated beta (or check the main downloads page for a new release).

NOTE: If your camera is not detected, you may need to install the SharpCap Pre-Requisites Installer. You only need to do this once, not for every new beta build.

SharpCap 2.10 Beta Downloads

Download Version 3.0.3830.0
23 April 2017
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Hopefully the last beta build before 3.0 release. This build will run until 7th May.
  • Fix failure of certain scripting functionality in 3.0
  • Deal with failures from ASCOM hardware (Mount, Focuser, Filter Wheel) gracefully
  • Try to ignore bug in Orion SSAG ASCOM driver - should make camera usable
  • Don't allow dark frames to be captured while flat frame correction is active.
  • Various bug fixes

New license key below:

LicenseId   = ef18f7144a864b6ea5e0a2f84dad0aa6
Expiry      = 2017-05-08T00:00:00.0000000Z
Feature     = SharpCapPro
FeatureId   = e86176765aaa44da90ecb4d28cc615e7
LicensedTo  =
Restrictions= Beta
Signature0  = RkmLBVvdDvPHHJO5QlGebS6mflVASuwGGi6zAmEv5b36+3Kh6AiLVHJb1UMNDcgA
Signature1  = gDT3ucPjAfYYAtNhniPAsympXTm1UCgy7iWzuE2U3G1IIdapEF0nSFYZxWdMvg2L
Signature2  = 0nthxylbbaGmzpAokDNtqj+B6l5ANvCcfAZOfyiSpGw=
Download Version 3.0.3813.0
18 April 2017
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Fix intermittent crash in 3811 when finishing capture.
Download Version 3.0.3811.0
14 April 2017
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Don't forget that you need a license key to unlock the pro features in this build. There's one below in the notes for the previous released version.
  • Add user manual (2.9 version for now)
  • Add splash screen on startup
  • Improve startup speed
  • Dark Creation - remember options and use binning in dark file library names
  • Live Stacking - fix crash when saving indiviual frames and you change colour space
  • Live Stacking - reduce memory usage when saving stack
  • Altair Cameras - fix flip being reset on changing resolution
  • Altair Cameras - stop crash from happening in certain ROI resolutions
  • Do not crash when camera fails to start in an unexpected way
  • Fix reticule moving to different place when zoom changed
  • Hopefully fix crashes on starting cameras in Directshow
  • Add bayer offset properties to saved RAW FITS files
  • Disable UI during stop capture and while changing cameras - should stop captures being started at these times, which tend to crash!
  • Polar Alignment - fix darks/flats in polar alignment and also fix snapshots taken while aligning
  • Replace many message boxes with notifications or better designed task dialogs
  • Fix many crashes from bug reports
Download Version 2.10.3695.0
29 March 2017
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Adds a new Altair SDK with support for black level adjustment, also adds warning of upcoming license expiry.
To continue testing SharpCap Pro features during the remaining beta period please use the following license key:
Salt        = 10f9391318de48c5b47b0303f4b7a905
LicenseId   = 93e9a31e068a418a891ef9f313f9e0b7
Expiry      = 2017-05-01T00:00:00.0000000Z
Feature     = SharpCapPro
FeatureId   = e86176765aaa44da90ecb4d28cc615e7
LicensedTo  =
Restrictions= Beta
Signature0  = LZfTzadN5UR7Nkg4Aw6bUGWOHlrQH24C+62Nwg5EXsTlgV9zNcjIfbMZRB0isrKV
Signature1  = hVmJvbgLffxmNickn9bNVxtdEwCuBwi17gBCyPkOmG9yOXETh8kSuoQeY9dpcU4c
Signature2  = 33sS/ICvMDfbI6cbuk1wC9xmVkkSmWLPghb8z5+3jNI=

Download Version 2.10.3678.0
21 March 2017
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This version needs a license for Pro features - please use the license below until it expires when an extended one will be provided if the beta period is still ongoing.
  • Correct problems with RAW colours when using flip on ZWO cameras
  • Improvements to handling of failures in single frame captures
  • Fix scripts only ran with scripting console open
  • QHY Cameras - updated SDK to support new models and fix bugs
  • Altair Cameras - updated SDK to support new models and fix bugs
  • Remember selected rate on ASCOM mount when changing resolution/colour space
  • Remember selected output format when changing resolution/colour space
  • Fix problem with asymmetric binning on ASCOM cameras
  • Warn if CPU cannot cope with real time flat frame correction (rather than crashing!)
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 2.10.3649.0
09 March 2017
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This version needs a license to activate SharpCap Pro features. Please use this license to continue testing these features. Paste the text below into the license prompt (you can find it from the Help menu)

Salt        = 749910ffd0c745b9b1117c7f0b1fe559
LicenseId   = 945e18f1d2be499cb76bcd937d3f9794
Expiry      = 2017-04-09T00:00:00.0000000Z
Feature     = SharpCapPro
FeatureId   = e86176765aaa44da90ecb4d28cc615e7
LicensedTo  =
Restrictions= Beta
Signature0  = gI82YZ5BaAS1UJcrb8svHP9KqWypZday1dPKnO8sS4DFxvI17hwTcZgLb41LyCCf
Signature1  = cR149wvuGABxZ1WxnrqIzz7v9hP8KsxqX5ZrREIXve4rsCvxDsLc/hqTSSKm9kqt
Signature2  = iBXf2uPWs6EyU7zHR54IFXx8oQFi6LbxEWTyMc+GN7g=

Changes in this version
  • Cleanup ASCOM hardware correctly on shutdown - should avoid problems connecting if you restart SharpCap
  • Fix for problems with ASCOM mount hub not connecting
  • Add detection of installed 'ansvr' plate solving tool
  • Fix issues with invisible text in high contrast mode and other themes with black window backgrounds
  • Fix problem with initial few frames sometimes not being debayered when opening a camera
  • Use Lat/Long from ASCOM mount when polar aligning if a mount is connected
  • Add a way to configure how quickly live stacking warns about ignored frames (in the log tab)
  • Many bug fixes

Download Version 2.10.3600.0
26 February 2017
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  • Add ROI availability for ASCOM cameras
  • Fix issues in Focus score ROI area
  • Ensure that ENTER and Esc keys can be used to accept/cancel dialogs
  • Various bug fixes from bug reports
  • Add a notification when using features that will be part of SharpCap Pro
  • Fix crash when coming out of Live Stack/FX/Focus score mode
  • Improve startup performance
Download Version 2.10.3567.0
19 February 2017
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  • Make "Pause" button work on most camera types to pause capture
  • Fix issues where live stack UI and notification bar cannot be clicked
  • Reduce memory usage on very high resolution cameras (10 megapixels+)
  • Support plate solving if ASPS (All Sky Plate Solver) is installed
  • Fix file extension when saving script files
  • Fix crashes from bug reports
Download Version 2.10.3536.0
09 February 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Improve Flat Capture UI, allow colour cameras to produce mono flats to avoid flats colour balancing the image
  • Updated ZWO SDK - should fix any problems with latest drivers
  • Updated Altair SDK
  • Fix ROI not always being applied when it touched the top or left sides of the frame
  • Fix ROI being changed when application minimized
  • Fix issue with cameras with image widths that are not an even number
  • Fix crash if application close button clicked twice
  • UI fixes to Live Stacking
  • Automatically find AstroTortilla if it is not installed in c:\cygwin
  • Stop the notification bar from forcing other screen content downwards
  • Fix bug where brightness values sometimes missing in live stack graph
  • Many other bug fixes
Download Version 2.10.3485.0
25 January 2017
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More bug fixes :)
Download Version 2.10.3481.0
24 January 2017
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More bug fixes - if earlier beta builds have crashed and you submitted the bug report, please try this build!
If this build still crashes, please submit the bug report again - often I add extra information to the log when I can't work out the cause of a bug straight away.
Download Version 2.10.3464.0
19 January 2017
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Updated to QHY SDK - Supports QHY 165, 247, 168, Optimize QHY 367
Download Version 2.10.3456.0
18 January 2017
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More bug fixes
Download Version 2.10.3454.0
17 January 2017
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Bug Fixes:
  • Crash on capture on some mono cameras
  • Crash when running multiple copies
  • Wrong Bayer pattern for Altair Hypercam 178C
Download Version 2.10.3450.0
16 January 2017
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Release Notes
Please note that SharpCap 2.10 collects and sends anonymous usage information to help improve future versions of SharpCap. Information includes a list of cameras that are installed, which cameras are used most often, which features are used, etc.

The EULA for SharpCap 2.10 covers the collection and storage of this usage information.