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Downloading and Installing SharpCap

Sharpcap runs on Microsoft Windows.

 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
 Windows Vista
 Windows XP
 Use SharpCap 3.1
 Use SharpCap 3.0
 Use SharpCap 2.9

SharpCap depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework. If you haven't already got it installed then the SharpCap installer will download and install it for you.

After you have downloaded, why not follow SharpCap on Facebook or find out how you can Support SharpCap.

SharpCap 3.1 Downloads

You can read about the new features in SharpCap 3.1. More documentation will be made available for these new features in the next few days.

SharpCap Pro: SharpCap 3.1 contains some functionality that requires a SharpCap Pro license. Find out more about what SharpCap Pro and the features that require a license here.

Latest Version
Download Version 3.1.5108.0
21 March 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix several bugs
  • Enhancements to the deep sky test camera to allow vignetting/dust spots to be added via an 'anti flat' frame
  • Fix synthetic RAW frames incorrect when applying field rotation in the deep sky test camera
Previous Versions 
Download Version 3.1.5098.0
19 March 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix issue with live stacking displaying frames with nearest neighbour interpolation, making them look noisier
  • Fix display of raw frames in live stacking
  • Add status indication to live stacking to help indicate what stage of stacking is in progress
  • Reduce number of redraws of image occurring when display stretch adjusted
Download Version 3.1.5092.0
16 March 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix sigma clipped stack not saving correctly to 32 bit when image is very dim
  • Fix saving live stacking continued to save raw frames when paused
  • Fix mount control buttons not showing as disabled when mount disconnected/parked
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.5085.0
11 March 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix out-of-memory issue if repeated frames fail to align in live stacking
  • Add auto-colour balance button to live stacking colour adjustments
Download Version 3.1.5081.0
10 March 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix flat frames not being applied when live stacking a camera in RAW mode
  • Reduce memory usage during live stacking
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.5059.0
26 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix failure to detect that certain Celestron cameras are colour
  • Fix failure to sync AltAz mounts that can only sync to equatorial co-ordinates
Download Version 3.1.5055.0
24 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Add support for FITS writing at native depth for ZWO cameras
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.5049.0
22 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Add option (general settings) to write FITS files from 10/12/14 bit cameras at their natural bit depth, not stretched to 16 bits [Advanced use cases only - saved files will appear dark unless stretched]. Currently Altair cameras only.
  • Various bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.5038.0
17 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Try to save live stack (or stop capture) cleanly if an error occurs that will cause SharpCap to close
  • Fix crash caused by changing dock width under some circumstances
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.1.5029.0
14 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fixes problem where live stacking fails to align if R/G/B adjustments set high when starting a stack
  • Other bug fixes.
Download Version 3.1.5027.0
12 February 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Feature Tracking and Seeing Monitor for Solar/Lunar/Planetary
  • Smart Histogram and Sensor Analysis for Deep Sky
  • StarlightXpress Camera Support
  • Improvements to Live Stacking including sigma clipping, better hot pixel removal with darks
  • Improved Polar alignment with refraction correction and enlarged atlas.
  • Reduced memory usage in several areas of the program
  • Improved memory allocation techniques for buffering large numbers of frames in high speed modes
  • Improved performance on high speed cameras. Smoother zooming.
  • Update to ASCOM 6.3, improved compatibility with Focusers, Wheels and Mounts
  • Improved performance when debayering RAW frames for display
  • Always on mini-histogram with display level stretch
  • Advanced options to customize file naming
  • QHY CCD still camera support
  • TIFF and JPEG output formats
  • Auto restore of camera parameters
  • Many bug fixes

Remember that installing SharpCap 3.1 will not uninstall SharpCap 3.0 (or other earlier versions). This means that you can go back to an earlier version if you encounter any problems (do remember to report any problems you find though!)

NOTE: If your camera is not detected, you may need to install the SharpCap Pre-Requisites Installer. You only need to do this once, not for every new version of SharpCap you install.

The SharpCap 3.1 Beta is now over - however you can still find the list of builds and changes this page

SharpCap 3.0 Downloads

NOTE: If your camera is not detected, you may need to install the SharpCap Pre-Requisites Installer. You only need to do this once, not for every new version of SharpCap you install.

SharpCap Pro: SharpCap 3.0 contains some functionality that requires a SharpCap Pro license. Find out more about what SharpCap Pro and the features that require a license here.

Latest Version
Download Version 3.0.4076.0
14 January 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  Fix application closing on rescan for cameras without ASCOM installed
Previous Versions 
Download Version 3.0.4075.0
08 January 2018
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  Fix size of notification bar on high DPI monitors
Download Version 3.0.4074.0
29 December 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Further improvements to auto-update flow
  • Fix a minor scripting issue
Download Version 3.0.4067.0
26 December 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  Improve auto-update flow in preparation for further future updates
Download Version 3.0.4057.0
21 December 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  Fix auto-update crash and missing version number in 3.0.4040
Download Version 3.0.4040.0
13 December 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Digitally signed installer
Download Version 3.0.4017.0
29 November 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

  • Updated Altair SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated ZWO SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated QHY SDK to support new models and bug fixes

Download Version 3.0.4008.0
05 September 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

  • Updated Altair SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated ZWO SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Updated QHY SDK to support new models and bug fixes
  • Fix crash when moving ROI position on ZWO cameras
Download Version 3.0.4002.0
06 July 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix bug that caused deletion of multiple snapshots instead of just the most recent one when "Delete last capture" is used
  • Work around Orion G3 ASCOM bug - camera can't report it's maximum binning :(
  • Allow *.fit files to be opened as well as *.fits
  • Fix issue where failure to write capture settings file was crashing live stacking
Download Version 3.0.3994.0
24 June 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  Multiple minor bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3971.0
31 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • ASCOM Mounts - Fix rates not detected for ASCOM mounts that only allow specific rates
  • ASCOM Mounts - Deal with disconnection gracefully
  • ASCOM Focuser - Deal with disconnection gracefully (particularly POTH)
  • ASCOM Filter Wheel - wait for wheel to complete rotation before returning to the UI
  • Attempt fix for Point Grey cameras where certain controls will not work in absolute mode
  • ZWO Cameras - better handling of camera being disconnected between detection and opening it.
  • ASCOM Camera - try to work reliably with Atik ASCOM driver
  • Polar Alignment - fix overlay on saved images when polar aligning and exposure >1s
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3956.0
22 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Show notification during polar alignment index building
  • Fix issues with Live Stacking when viewing individual frames
  • Fix error in ASCOM mount connection for some mounts
  • Fix built in site-packages not found by scripting
Download Version 3.0.3948.0
20 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix issues with cameras that are an odd (as in not even) number of pixels wide
  • Fix problem with errors caused by scripting crashing the app rather than being reported to the script
  • PGR cameras - second try at crash bug fix
  • ASCOM mount control bug fixes
  • Prevent bug reports being sent for known issues caused by buggy ASCOM drivers.
Download Version 3.0.3936.0
18 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Point Grey cameras - fix bug causing crash on selection of some models
  • Basler cameras - add missing DLL to installer - no longer need to install Pylon in developer mode
  • Fix rare crash when closing histogram
  • QHY GPS cameras - better timestamp handling, more FITS headers added
  • ASCOM cameras - fix intermittent crash when closing camera
  • ASCOM mounts - assume mounts that can't report their tracking rate are at Sidereal rate
  • Live Stacking - fix crash when trying to save stack with no frames in it yet
  • ZWO cameras - try to deal more gracefully with loss of camera while in use
  • Scripting - replace invalid characters when saving to specified file path.
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3906.0
13 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Fix wrong colour space in SER header when using flip with ZWO (introduced in 3901)
  • Fix problem with certain webcams not being able to change resolution or other properties after opening correctly initially
  • Prevent SharpCap from being installed on unsupported platforms
  • Unsupported platforms are: Windows XP and earlier, Windows Vista with no SP or with SP1, Windows 7 with no SP)
  • More diagnostics to try to track down other issues
Download Version 3.0.3901.0
12 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Altair Cameras - fix RAW bayer patterns for new models
  • ZWO Cameras - fix RAW bayer pattern when using flip and forcing the pattern
  • Enforce control ranges when loading capture profiles
  • Fix reading of capture profiles that have incorrect decimal separator characters
  • Better naming of capture settings file when capturing multiple frames in PNG/FITS
  • Add capture timestamp to capture settings file
  • ZWO Cameras - fix sensor temperature not being used in dark file path on non-cooled cameras
  • Scripting - extra option when using Camera.CaptureSingleFrameTo to suppress use of currently viewed frame
  • Additional logging to help track down other bugs
Download Version 3.0.3888.0
08 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Live stacking - fix crash with cameras whose width is not a multiple of two pixels
  • ASCOM Mount Control - allow mounts to connect for plate solving even if they cannot support the MoveAxis command
  • Capture Profiles - Improvements to the UI, add a 'Load' button to the profile manager
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3881.0
06 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  •  QHY GPS Cameras - improved timestamps to FITS, allow System clock to be set to GPS time
  • ASCOM Mounts - handle parked mounts correctly, allow mounts to be parked/unparked
  • Live Stacking - fix individual frames not being saved when using RAW modes
  • Live Stacking - clear history correctly on reset of stack
  • Allow test cameras to load JPG files
  • Various minor bug fixes and crash fixes
Download Version 3.0.3867.0
04 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


  • Updated QHY SDK - fixes Minicam5s-C being reported as mono
  • Increase precision of timestamp written to FITS headers
  • Fix for non GigE Point Grey cameras not being detected correctly
  • Fix for crash if you clicked 'Start' twice on the start capture form
  • Other bug fixes
Download Version 3.0.3861.0
02 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report

New features include live flat frame correction, plate solving, focus assistance, live stacking and polar alignment improvements. Read more.

SharpCap 3.0 now includes SharpCap Pro. SharpCap Pro gives you access to advanced features for a low annual license fee of £10 and helps support future SharpCap development.

Build 3861 replaces build 3855 - fixing the following issues:
  • Main window staying disabled after capturing a dark or flat with no license installed
  • Crash caused by buggy ASCOM Simulator camera (camera no longer shown)
  • Crashes caused by 'path is of the incorrect format' when saving to AVI or opening wecams on some systems.

SharpCap 2.9 Downloads

See the old ChangeLog

Download Version 2.9.3086.0
30 May 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


The uninstaller for 2.9.3085 below is currently being falsely flagged as a security risk by Windows Defender. The *only* change in this build is the version number and good old Windows Defender is happy with it.

Download Version 2.9.3085.0
19 April 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


Download link removed due to Antivirus false-positive (Microsoft)

Fixes issue with notification bar not showing for very high resolution cameras
Download Version 2.9.3080.0
12 April 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


Download link removed due to Antivirus false-positive (Norton)

Adds user manual
Disable the UI during camera closedown and while changing resolution to prevent strange bugs like starting to capture on closing camera
Fix intermittent crashes on ASCOM camera closedown
Reduce memory usage when saving live stack
Fix various crashes caused by illegal characters in target name or capture path
Fix installation of Microsoft VC Redist failing on some versions of Windows

Download Version 2.9.3055.0
31 January 2017
Virus Total Scan Report


Various bug fixes
Updated SDK for QHY and ZWO cameras
Download Version 2.9.3032.0
16 December 2016
Virus Total Scan Report


Update version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redist to avoid clash with other apps
Update QHY SDK to support new cameras and bug fixes
Update ZWO SDK to support new cameras and bug fixes
Fix RAW colour space of Altair 1600C
Fix bug with wrong buffer size used when binning large resolutions on QHY cameras
Fix writing of FITS files in RGB24/32 format to be compatible with other apps
Ensure timestamps added to frames are always UTC
Embed an 8 byte digital timestamp in the first 8 bytes of each frame when timestamps are enabled
Fix many issues from crash reports

Download Version 2.9.3011.0
27 November 2016
Virus Total Scan Report

Fix issue with live stack alignment under some circumstances
Bug Fixes
Download Version 2.9.2999.0
09 November 2016
Virus Total Scan Report


Updated QHY SDK - adds support for more cameras and fixes bugs
Fix issue with only one capturesettings file being created when taking multiple snapshots
Fix dark subtraction issues
Fix bug with changing resolution on QHY cameras when binning activated
Download Version 2.9.2965.0
22 October 2016
md5: e226498793f3207d7d11b8b80576aff3
Virus Total Scan Report


Altair Cameras - updated SDK with new model support and bug fixes
QHY Cameras - updated SDK with bug fixes
Other bug fixes
Download Version 2.9.2953.0
16 October 2016
md5: a5ab7c74b627d871c6ac617410e000f8
Virus Total Scan Report


Add support for ZWO EFW filter wheels without needing the ASCOM driver
Fix for ASCOM cameras that report they have BayerRGGB sensors
Fix for issue with Polar Align and LX Webcam using all CPU
Update QHY SDK to 7.4.11 - Many improvements
Add date of build to Help->About window
Download Version 2.9.2936.0
md5: b434cf2bd577a0e017536a58f68fb464
Virus Total Scan Report


Option to apply debayering to colour ASCOM cameras that wrongly claim to be mono
Bug fixes
Download Version 2.9.2929.0
md5: 91f25366f7954a1b901290614a53ed0a
Virus Total Scan Report

ZWO Cameras - Updated SDK - Adjustment for pattern on ASI1600MM
Altair Cameras - Updated SDK - Support for new models
Scripting - fix several crashes related to scripting or repeated actions
Polar Alignment - fix issue in locales using ',' as decimal separator
Focus Score - fix crash in 16 bit mono

Download Version 2.9.2915.0
md5: 7faa0a0d61891aa8b14e201582bfcccc
Virus Total Scan Report


 QHY Cameras - Updated SDK - Support QHY163, Gain now in dB for QHY174,178,224,290, Add new controls for some cameras
ZWO Cameras - Updated SDK - Can control fan on ASI1600 with on board hub, Binning now reduces noise instead of boosting brightness
Meade mount control now supported via LX200 Ascom driver
Fix crash when trying to draw detected stars on 16 bit mono frames

Download Version 2.9.2895.0
md5: b74b9e8b8a628957aad7c904720711c9
Virus Total Scan Report

Enable GPS functionality on QHY-GPS cameras
Fix crash when selecting lower resolutions in RAW on Altair cameras
Fix for individual saved frames in live stacking in non-RAW mode not being the raw frames - was actually saving the stack!

Download Version 2.9.2877.0
md5: bf73ccebea66f9e11066b322884315c4
Virus Total Scan Report


(Build 2869 replaced with 2877 due to crash when trying to view the settings)
Download Version 2.9.2739.0
md5: 670f7146365823674787fc32fa83fd1c
Virus Total Scan Report


Updated ZWO SDK - Fixes issues with ASI1600 hanging/banding
Fix thermal stats (temperature, cooler power) not updating on ASCOM cameras
Download Version 2.9.2733.0
md5: b857f2982600fb316b958379b92c92ce
Virus Total Scan Report


Improvements to Polar Alignment Star Detection
Updated QHY SDK (includes support for Broadcast live feature)
Bug Fixes
Download Version 2.9.2709.0
md5: b99ce3ce07da5babaa756f14a49f1c0a
Virus Total Scan Report

 Release candidate of SharpCap 2.9

SharpCap 2.8 Downloads

Download Version 2.8.2378.0
md5: b12a8d1b21397c91d9ba8e35bd47e73a
Virus Total Scan Report

Live Stacking/Polar Alignment - fix issues on locales that use ',' for the decimal separator
Improvements to memory handling - should reduce out-of-memory crashes
Fix capturing multiple frames when using 'snapshot' with high frame rate camres
ASCOM Focuser - fix buttons not working
ASCOM Filter Wheel - fix some crash issues
Improve responsiveness of UI under heavy load
Updated ZWO SDK for compatibility with new models and reduced memory usage

Download Version 2.8.2353
md5: 332a1696ec3c9fe54210b36dfe7287c0
Virus Total Scan Report

Bug fixes, including wrong colour order in RGB darks.
New Altair SDK for new camera models
Download Version 2.8.2343
md5: 5fc97cf083b8d4ac6cfd8a454622b1a0
Virus Total Scan Report 

 Bug fixes including some ASCOM camera/focuser fixes and many fixes from bug reports.
Download Version 2.8.2325
md5: ef52296475862d2513a4ae10a541b097
sha1: a68a4ec03567d2153d2128e2eb2b768a4ccf2fd8
Virus Total Scan Report

Fix bugs with SPC900 cameras in LX modes and dark subtraction with DirectShow cameras.
Updated to 2.8.2321 with new ZWO SDK.
Updated to 2.8.2325 with dark capture bug fix and bug report upload changes
Download Version 2.8.2311
md5: 6b104be321591ba155e8849e2b0d055c  
VirusTotal Scan Report

More bug fixes and minor features
Download Version 2.8.2263
md5: d7dc1d7d9c20af5db97411589906832b  
VirusTotal Scan Report
 Fixes various bugs in 2.8.2231
Build 2263 replaces build 2260, which had a bug in saving Live Stacks from DirectShow cameras or Frame Grabbers.
Download Version 2.8.2231
md5: 492daf06654c62ea05f62d0ea16803a5 
sha1: 515aacc233813acad1eb91b5705ef7cbca422be0
VirusTotal Scan Report
Preview release of 2.8

SharpCap 2.7 Downloads

Download Version 2.7.2135
md5: 28134e4575180a73770e6c66679db737 
sha1: 0c61567d98f8337a6f0d5a66039ec8fb51b32e0c

Fix for live stack resetting on ZWO cameras
Download Version 2.7.2125
md5: 1b62e68251ff0bbf2cbb1cdef2902300        

Updated release build of SharpCap 2.7

Update fixes bugs in live stacking, mono AVI output and others. Full changelog to follow

SharpCap 2.7 Beta Downloads

Please note that download links for expired versions have been removed. The versions are still listed as the change log information may be of interest.

Download Version 2.7.2095
md5: d0f69259e333c04da0ea4e672d77075c

Hopefully final beta build
(note - build 2089 replaced due to Live Stacking bug)
Download Version 2.7.2050
md5: aa1d993545f2bb8beb7b4edd9c07033c

Updates for ASI, Altair, Basler cameras
Download Version 2.7.2035
md5 : 3f3352fa50af342a9d5848472ff69083

Bug fixes for Celestron/Basler cameras
Download Version 2.7.2027
(Download removed - use 2.7.2035)

Support for Celestron/Imaging Source Cameras and More...
Download Version 2.7.1954
md5 : 0c244d0456aedd78264f69c87654f730
Updated SDKs for QHY, ZWO and Altair cameras. Live stacking improvements and more...
Download Version 2.7.1885
md5 : 0aaf1e226a8fdd3bd6fb50e0942d3990

New features in Live Stacking as shown at IAS

SharpCap 2.6 Downloads

SharpCap depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework, which you might need to install before trying to run SharpCap. If you have Windows Vista or later, you will already have this installed. On Windows XP, you may need to install it from this link.

Download Version 2.6.1893
md5 : 9d99250888c4e4e8893849bb7f7a0b7e
Support for ZWO ASI 178 cameras, Fixes for Altair 12 bit mode and many bug fixes from 2.7
Download Version 2.6.1850
md5 : 54594b73e9a3f749b1bb0a2cfd23e674
Updates to ZWO, Altair SDK, hopefully fix some webcam issues

Download Version 2.6.1844
md5 : 165458393a5860441828e655c79e4b91

Bug fixes to Live Stacking and Frame Timestamping

Download Version 2.6.1835
md5 : 18154caa6cb5f71277baf6a0e6954e06
Live stacking available for webcams, ZWO ASI174 noise reduction and bug fixes

Download Version 2.6.1768
md5 : 848885a543c68f6d831336a868501ac8
Many minor bug fixes


Download Version 2.6.1740    Bug fix for many frame grabber (EZCap) devices

SharpCap 2.5 Downloads

Download Version 2.5.1548    Release Notes

Download Version 2.5.1510    Bug fix release

Download Version 2.5.1490    Show Changes    (Removed, use version 2.5.1510 instead)

Download Version 2.5.1428    Show Changes   

Download Version 2.5.1421    Show Changes    

Older Builds

Note that the installers for some older versions below this point have been removed and the links will not work.

SharpCap 2.1 Downloads

Download Version 2.1.1050      Show Changes

Download Version 2.1.971        Show Changes

Download Version 2.1.932        Show Changes

Download Version 2.1.915        Show Changes

SharpCap 2.0 Downloads

Download Version 2.0.862        Show Changes

Download Version 2.0.816        Show Changes

SharpCap 1.5 downloads

Download Version 1.5.344    Various bugfixes and Ximea (mono) support
Download Version 1.5.328    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.316    Fixes missing file in installer, Basler Scout
Download Version 1.5.312    Fixes problem with Basler Scout
Download Version 1.5.311    Fixes Capture Profile load crash
Download Version 1.5.310    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.309    ASI130MM/MC support
Download Version 1.5.308    LX mode fix & fix wrong colour space name
Download Version 1.5.307    Show Changes
Download Version 1.5.304

Version 1.4 downloads

Download Version 1.4.213      Show Changes

Version 1.3 downloads

Download Version 1.3.118      Show Changes
Download Version 1.3.117       Show Changes
Download Version 1.3.114      Show Changes

Download Version 1.2.35        Show Changes

You can download even older versions of SharpCap here.

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