Hi and welcome to the RWFF Clubhouse.
This is the official Clubhouse for Pishtech's 
Real World Fly Fishing Game
Here you can find a lot of tools and add-ons for this
fantastic fly fishing game.
Have a look around and get as addicted as most of our visitors are.
Regards Richard
RWFF Clubhouse Manager

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  • Outings Guide and Picture Book Part 1K
    Brian has just released latest part of Outings Guide and Picture Book, Part 1K.
    It is packed with facts on latest released outings.
    You can download it from the tab Books and Tutorials / Outings Guide and Picture Book
    Posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:51 PM by R.A.L. Westerlaken
  • New changes on Outings Downloads
    Hi all,
    I think I have found an acceptable solution to the lack on serverspace due to the great amount of custom outings we got available for RWFF.
    I will leave the last 20 to 25 outings of each creator for direct download from Clubhouse, the rest of the outings will be tagged with a "request for download"
    when clicking on this request, there will be generated an email, you will only have to send this. When the outing is set for download, you will get an emailnotification with the link for the "requested downloads page" link.
    The link will be kept up for a week and will be removed after.
    By doing this, there will be a lot of serverspace available again and I can start adding new species and outings downloads.
    I hope everyone can find oneself in this solution.
    It will take me a few weeks to get all sorted and converted but it will be worth waiting for it.
    Everything will still be up, except for the changed files, the requests are working already and can be used from now on.
    Posted Mar 27, 2011, 9:11 AM by R.A.L. Westerlaken
  • Small changes made to the RWFF Clubhouse
    Hi all,
    As you can see this page has had a small change, There has been added a new category, named posts.
    Here you will find all kind of posts regarding the RWFF Clubhouse and the game.
    I hope this will turn to be a good contribution.
    At the bottom of the posts one can add comments by clicking on comments.
    Posted Mar 27, 2011, 7:28 AM by R.A.L. Westerlaken
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