This is the collaborative space of Rural Web's Learning Circle on Learning Circles.

Aim: Rural Web promotes Life Long Learning through Learning Circles (LC). What a Rural Web Learning Circle is, how to use, organize, create, host or develop one can be learnt here. Learning Circles have much in common with MOOCs and e-learning. So if you're interested in creating one of those, you are likely to learn a lot here too.

Note: We are still learning about these topics ourselves, so what you're joining is a MOOC-type co-learning process. No fixed learning method is available yet, so we are developing the curricula along the way. We create learning materials from what we learn, so that future learners can benefit from our efforts.

Communication Channels

You are welcome to send us comments and advice on any aspect of the learning circle. Just e-mail us or use one of the other channels and use the course's hashtag.

Join by tagging: #RwebLC

LC-Leader: Cheryl Van Kempen - cheryl@ruralweb.info  

How to JOIN: We are experimenting what collaborative environments are ideal to use for learning circles. As we envision a MOOC-style learning process, we will be using several social media and sites as part of our official communication channels.

To join, just become active through one of the following channels and send in your assignments, discuss and give feedback:  

Good to know:
We started this Learning Circle on Learning Circles because Rural Web envisions Learning Circles as a method to help people around the world master new knowledge and skills. We need to learn how a learning circle can best be organized so that learning and organizing one is efficient.

One thing we've already learnt is that online Learning Circles are closely related to E-learning and MOOCs. Therefore we are learning about these topics as well in separate learning circles. In fact, we've started with the other two circles so as to have at least some notion of the state of the art of e-learning before starting this online, MOOC-type thing which we call Learning Circle.

A bit of history:
Rural Web always had an element of learning in its philosophy. Inemarie Dekker, leader of Rural Web in 2012 and 2013 developed the idea of offline Learning Circles. As Rural Web is an online community mostly, we are now adapting the idea to our online activities.