Paseo de Stella

       Monteverde, Costa Rica  

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     Paseo de Stella, situated in the heart of the “original” Monteverde, is a tourist center located in front of the Hotel El Bosque and 150 yards to the west of CASEM, the women's handicraft cooperative. 


    The center is comprised of five main attractions-  a live bat exhibit, history museum, restaurant & chocolate shop, auditorium, and art gallery-store.



      The architecture of Paseo de Stella is Central American colonial, following the style of the old “haciendas” and coffee plantations.  Even so, it comfortably accommodates the 21st century traveler, and is accessible to the physically challenged. 



      The auditorium was opened toward the end of 2005, inaugurated with a musical presentation by the community choir.   The main purpose of the auditorium is to complement both the bat jungle and history museum tours with interesting and educational multi-media presentations.



     The Bat Jungle opened in March of 2006.  The tour is a guided walk into the world of bats, which includes a variety of stationary and interactive




       In the live bat exhibit there are as many as 11 species of live free-flying tropical bats from the Monteverde area.  With the aid of a special "bat detector" and speaker system set up in the fly-way area, real-time bat “echolocation” sounds can also be heard.



       The Bat Jungle is the first of its kind in Latin America.  One of its main objectives is to promote public awareness of the ecological importance of bats, thereby helping to conserve bat populations throughout the world.



     “Café Caburé” has recently opened.  Visitors will enjoy our hand-made chocolates, or our fine international cuisine, while enjoying spectacular Monteverde sunsets from the Café's outdoor balcony.  We consider Café Caburé to be one the finest restaurants in  Costa Rica.


    Meg’s Terrace Art Gallery has also recently opened.  Items for sale come from local artisans, as well as from Meg herself, who specializes in lovely ceramic pottery and glass works, including stained glass windows.


     Though not completely finished, the history museum is now open.  While focusing on the history of the Monteverde area, the museum also present exhibits on Costa Rican pre-Columbian history, as well as aspects of the natural history of Central America.