Why Join RMP?

Your membership as a Rwanda Ministry Partner includes: 

  • Endorsement by the Rwanda House of Bishops. All Rwandan sister church relationships must become members of Rwanda Ministry Partners so that communication and concerns can receive equal and appropriate attention and clarity.

  • Best practices. Guidelines developed from the best practices of vibrant sister parishes, as well as lessons learned from mistakes made, will be shared among Rwanda Ministry Partner churches so that thriving can occur in all relationships. Fostering collaboration and cross-learning among all churches that have relationships in Rwanda is a goal of RMP.

  • Resources. A trip “pilgrimage” manual and guide book are being developed to help launch new relationships.

  • Training materials. Written materials and webinar/conference call training sessions will be available to RMP member churches. Training will tackle topics such as cross-cultural communication and understanding, adopting healthy developmental practices and mindsets, and being transformed through friendship and mutual respectful relationships.

  • Reporting and financial tracking. Systems will be available to help provide financial management and reporting on projects that may rise up out of relationship.

  • Nationwide campaigns. Collaboration with Rwanda Ministry Partner churches across North America will serve to inspire, encourage and instill a sense of camaraderie and common mission as fundraising and advocacy events are promoted nationwide.

  • Administrative support. RMP will help you navigate the potentially unfamiliar world of wiring funds, planning international travel, and developing and maintaining healthy ongoing communication with your sister parish or diocese.

  • Pilgrimage. We will offer pilgrimage trips to expose congregation members to the Church in Rwanda, and we’ll host clergy trips on a regular basis. We call them pilgrimages because they are so much more than mere travel! God meets and works in transformational ways when we meet face to face and seek to develop intentional and purposeful love relationships in Him.