Nurturing healthy, mutual, and culturally respectful relationships between people, churches, and dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and those of the Anglican Church of Rwanda (PEAR), for the purpose of God's Kingdom mission.

Join Our Upcoming Pilgrimages** to Rwanda

Jul/Aug 2018

Registration Deadline:   March 15, 2018

Jan 2019

Registration Deadline:   September 30, 2018

Overview: Pilgrims will join together at a departure city to journey to the Land of a Thousand Hills where we will visit several parishes, dioceses, and homes of our Anglican Rwandan brothers and sisters. We will shape the specific places and people we visit based on who registers for the trip. We plan to at least briefly visit each sister parish and associated diocese represented by those traveling with us. We will also explore the history, culture, varied terrain, food, and treasures of Rwanda.  

Purpose: We hope to forge new and deepen existing relationships, to be surprised by the similarities and nuances of our two cultures, to experience and see the beauty of God’s varied creation, and to jointly, with our Rwandan brothers and sisters, be transformed more fully into who God created us to be.

General Information: Trip is limited to 10 participants from ACNA. The cost will be approximately $3000, and is all inclusive -- airline tickets FROM DEPARTURE CITY, trip insurance, in-country meals and lodging, entrance fee into museum and reconciliation village, in-country group transportation, are included. Expenses NOT included are: airlines tickets or transportation expenses to get to departure city, gifts, vaccines, visa and passport fees, food and drinks in airports, personal taxis if deviating from the planned group itinerary, fees associated with Compassion child visitation, alcohol, additional snacks, drinks and food outside of group meals.


** Why do we use the word “pilgrimage” for our trips? We believe that all who embark upon a journey to Rwanda should do so with a sense of expectation that God has something in store for them that will bring transformation to them and those we visit on this trip.