Rwanda Church Closures
Over the past two months, more than 6,000 churches have been closed in Rwanda, among them are hundreds of Anglican churches. The closures are a result of government inspections that have revealed: 
  • structures that lack basic infrastructure
  • poor hygiene
  • poor safety standards
  • lack of parking space
  • churches operating without licenses (not an issue for Anglican churches) 
  • operating in residential houses or facilities that are not sized for the congregation meeting in them
  • additional code and safety violations
We have heard from several bishops about this urgent problem and they have been quick to assure us that, contrary to what some media is saying, the closures do not represent any type of campaign against the church or freedom of worship. These closures instead are being done in the interest of the people and the government if working closely with the bishops and other church  leaders to achieve reasonable solutions. 

In the meantime, parishioners are tirelessly working to correct the deficiencies in the facilities. They are providing their manual labor and their finances to address the problem. However, some of the needs are great and will require external assistance.

Consider Taking up a Special Easter Season Offering! 
RMP is collecting donations from individuals as well as congregations for infrastructure needs in Rwanda:
  • You may want to take up a special offering for this need and gather the checks together and mail them to Rwanda Ministry Partners at 815 E. Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • You may want to provide the link to RMP's website where members of your congregation can go online to individually give a tax deductible donation for this need: RMP Church Closures Campaign 
Donations sent for this purpose to RMP will be wired to the PEAR Provincial Office. The Archbishop and House of Bishops will then decide how to apportion the funds to address infrastructure needs across the country. 100% of your donation will go to this need. 

January 2018
RMP Pilgrimage to Rwanda

July/August 2017
RMP Pilgrimage to Rwanda

June 2017
RMP Participated in the Assembly Meeting of ACNA in Wheaton, Illinois

November 2016
RMP Participated in Meetings of Anglican Diocese of Christ our Hope, Diocese of the South, and the Gulf Atlantic Diocese

It was great to put faces to names as representatives from several churches with sister parishes met Regina at three dioceses' synod meetings. Conversations were also held with people who were not familiar with RMP and who are interested in the concept of developing a sister church. Please pray that these potential new partners! 

August 2016
International Anglican Church, Colorado Springs, CO & Kibali Parish, Byumba Diocese, Rwanda

On Saturday August 6, runners gathered at the starting line at 8:00 AM in Colorado Springs and at 4:00 PM in Kibali, Rwanda (Byumba Diocese). All donned green t-shirts with the Run With Rwanda/Run for Rwanda logo on the front. Runners on both sides of the Atlantic were running for a common cause - to help build the Kibali Health Center. This was the 9th year for this run on two continents between sister churches International Anglican Church (IAC) and Kibali Parish. To date the clinic that has been constructed from funds raised through the race over the years, has been birthing hundreds of babies in its maternity center, providing anti-retroviral treatment for over 160 AIDS patients, immunizing countless children, and treating routine illnesses as well as life threatening illnesses like TB and malaria. The laboratory/technical building and the nutrition center are the final two buildings to be built. The hope is that the 10th anniversary run, to be held the first Saturday of August 2017, will raise the funds to complete the construction. Join in the fun and read more about the run, or donate to the health center's construction at www.runforrwanda.org.  View a video about the run here:Run for Rwanda

July 2016
Redeemer Anglican Church, Raleigh, NC & Runda Parish, Shyogwe Diocese, Rwanda

Having been birthed a year and a half ago by Church of the Apostle's Raleigh, NC, Redeemer Anglican Church also of Raleigh, NC has now taken the step of developing her own sister relationship in Shyogwe Diocese with Runda Parish. A team from Redeemer traveled to Rwanda in July, 2016 to meet their new parish for the very first time. 

Upon returning home, Redeemer's Rwanda Liaison, Teresa Kinkaid, commented, "Redeemer's visit to Shyogwe Diocese and meeting our new sister church, Runda Parish, was wonderful!  We left feeling God had truly attached our hearts together.  Pastor Jean Baptiste and our team are very excited about partnering with Christ for the sake of the Gospel.  Also, we had a fun, heart warming visit with the Compassion children some of us on the team sponsor.  Church of Gikomero, previous sister church (Church of the Apostle's sister parish), had a celebration while we were there for their new Compassion International Project.  This Project is the answer to much hard work and prayer over the past 2 years.  Bishop Jered Kalimba is excited about Redeemer's relationship with Runda Parish.  Our hearts were very full with joy, hope and love for our brothers and sisters in Christ."

A soccer ball always helps to break the iceThe new family!
Pastor Ford Jordan with Bishop Jered and Pastor Jean Baptiste