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The Long Ryders

Photo by Paul Slattery
The Long Ryders were one of the leading lights of the so-called Paisley Underground movement of the mid-1980s which encompassed several US guitar bands, based mainly around the Los Angeles area. After an initial 5 track EP (10-5-60) and their critically acclaimed full length debut album Native Sons, the band signed to Island Records and produced two more albums, State Of Our Union (1985) and Two Fisted Tales (1987) before finally calling it a day in December 1987. 
The posthumous Metallic BO was issued by the band's fan club and since then there have been a couple of live albums and the superb Anthology collection released. 
In June 2004, seventeen years after they split up, the band re-formed for a series of European gigs which raised the band's profile higher than it had been for almost two decades.
From the 2004 European gigs another live album was released and a live DVD from the same tour.Then, in January 2009, after a gap over 22 years, the band played two gigs in Atlanta, Georgia, their first in the USA since September 1987. 
With an increase in interest in the band, the biggest retrospective of the band's career was released in January 2016. Final Wild Songs was a 4 CD box set released by Cherry Records, featuring most of their studio output, plus a live show from the Netherlands from 1985 along with some demos. More UK and European gigs followed to promote the release of the box set in April and May 2016, before some East Coast US shows in November of the same year.
2017 sees the band lining up shows on the West Coast in April, including a return to The Roxy in West Hollywood, scene of the band's first "final" show back in 1987.
More significantly, 2017 will also see the first new studio recordings by The Long Ryders in over 30 years, with new material planned for release in April, with a new album hoped to be finished by December.
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