Welcome to the Rebels Without Applause Fanzine homepage - the website dedicated to the Sid Griffin/Coal Porters fanzine of the same name! This is the third version of the site, replacing both www.rwafanzine.co.uk and www.curley37.freeserve.co.uk both of which are no longer available.

The A5 fanzine began life way back in February 1994 and finally came to a close in April 2006 after 20 glorious issues and, in true rock'n'roll style, a "Best Of" compilation after the first 10 issues!
Hopefully this new site can re-produce some of the best pieces from the fanzine and keep alive the wonderful music of Sid Griffin and his various bands, be it The Coal Porters, Western Electric or those trailblazers The Long Ryders.