"Water World"

Mohican Weekend

August 10, 2007

Smith's Campground

Ohio Rally at Mohican

 Mohican (Canoe) Adventures



Ohio Rally at Smith’s Campground.

 Smith’s Campground is on Wally Road near Loudonville, Ohio and Mohican State Park. (See Link on right.) The campground borders the Mohican River with several camp sites right along the river’s edge. From the beginning to the end of the weekend, the Smith’s (family owned and operated) Campground went out of their way to make this weekend most enjoyable. Enough cannot be said about this family and their efforts to make this a truly memorable weekend. We were treated like royalty. Spread the word, if you’re an RV’r or camper in the Mohican area, go to Smith’s, a great campground and what is even better... they are great people.


 To continue…


Many Rally members arrived Thursday, and had some rain and muddy sites to contend with. The weather was great for those who arrived Friday afternoon. With the change in weather and a little sunshine on Friday, Carol and I were fortunate to only have a few mud puddles and some wet grass to walk through when we arrived.


Just like our first Ohio Rally gathering, Steve Sands came over and gave us a welcome handshake, followed by many of our new friends whom we had met during our first Ohio Rally weekend at Austin Lake. (I even remembered half of their names from that first weekend, with very little help from Carol.)

With each RV trip we have become more adept at setting up. We arrives at 5:30 pm, by 6:00 we were ready to join our fellow RV’r for a covered dish and Hot Dog cookout. Good food and good friends.


For entertainment friday night the movie "The Long Long Trailer" staring Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball was shown at “ssands” Outdoor Theater on Friday night. 







A free show with popcorn too.

Ohhhh Lucy.....


                ...Ohhhhh Ricky.




After a leisurely Saturday morning breakfast in our MH, a line began to form at the park office for our bus ride to the Loudonville Canoe Livery. (Another example of the help offered by Smtih's Campgrounds and the local canoe livery.) We launched a 27 (plus) canoe armada (about 63 sailors in total) for what has become the Ohio Rally annual "Battle of the Mohican River."

It was hard to tell who was on whose side during this ongoing battle. It was more like one big free for all. The canoes were manned with all kinds of water armament, equipment and splashing  methods; paddle splashers, a broadside of water guns, with personal water cannons guaranteed to drown the most experienced sailor.


The "1813 Battle of Lake Erie" never saw such carnage. Oh the humanity.


 I saw innocent bystanders beached on the shoreline, lest they be caught between the battling water warships. Small children cried, grown adults shook with fear. Some ships tried to retreat back up stream, only to be overtaken, captured and completely soaked. Vessels were seen capsized with all aboard being thrown into the churning waters.

There was even a sighting of King Neptune arising from the waters, to seek vengeance upon the unsuspecting.


Fortunately, by the end of the two and a half hour running battle not a single sailor was lost.


All vessels returned to port safely and a one year truce was agreed to.






Following the navel campaign, a scrumptious Cajun shrimp boil banquet was served by Captain Larry and his First Mate Linda.The entire Ohio Rally crew added to the main course with delectable side dishes and desert. A feeding frenzy took place, with no one leaving hungry.




The Saturday evening's entertainment included not only a movie at the "ssands Outdoor Theater", but also a karaoke sing-a-long-fest in the campground pavilion. Some of our Rally group joined in the singing and dancing. There was a rumor that Elvis (Bob) actually made a surprise appearance to a standing ovation.


Saturday's feature film changed to “Night at the Museum” with Ben Steller. Because Carol and I had seen the movie before, we chose the Cleveland Browns preseason football game instead.


We watched at Chuck and Barb’s MH on their outdoor TV. We munched kettle corn during the game, then retired for a good nights sleep, after the Brown's won in the final minutes. A good night’s sleep was a welcomed ending to our busy day.



Before the weekend ended we had made several new friends from such far off lands as New Jersey, New York, and Michigan. On Sunday, the weekend ended quietly with each departing RV’r saying their good-byes, exchanging recipes, extending wishes for a safe journey home and a promise to bring in the really BIG water cannons next year.



 Next stop for this Rally member will be Heritage Springs in Vanlue, Ohio. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

Venue changed 08/23/07: Due to heavy rain and flooding in Findley, the location was changed to the "Lazy R" near  Grandville, Ohio



"The Journey is the Reward." 

 Jim & Carol

August 14, 2007