Up a Lazy River

August 24, 2004


 Lazy River Campgrounds

 Velvet Ice Cream

Map to Country Bob Enterprise



In to each life...

a little rain must fall?


The Ohio Rally group had scheduled this rally weekend at Heritage Springs in Vanlue, Ohio with "Dandy Dan" as the host.


Unfortunately, the heavy rains made the city of Findlay and the surrounding area a flood disaster area. Dandy Dan and Lori had more than they could handle and understandably had to cancel the weekend plans.

 All of the Ohio Rally group wished Dan and Lori a fast recovery from any damage to their home, and a big That-a-Boy (Girl) for rolling up their sleeves and helping other friends and neighbors in the area with the clean up.


New venue…


With nimble fingers on the telephone pad and some frantic Ohio Rally web site communications, Sharyl and Steve managed to move the Rally location to the Lazy River Campgrounds near Granville, Ohio.


Understandably the last minute change resulted on a rather small gathering. But it appears that no matter the size, Ohio Rally makes the most out of any situation.


Attending were;

ssands (Steve & Sharyl)

DSteiner51 (Duane & Annetta)

TheAMRheine (Ken & Kathy)

(yours truly) rv-time (Jim & Carol).



Unexpected local Ohio Rally members JOYDENS (Denny & Joyce) (I believe they were original members on the first Rally) were already set-up at the campgrounds when we arrived. They were able to join us, between local family



Sorry for including everyone’s Rally handles and real names, its part of my course on memory technique to put people’s faces with their names, handles and rigs. No matter how often we attend a Rally there seem to always be more new folks to meet. Plus, it makes it sound like a larger gathering.


Cameo visits for Saturday afternoon/evening included longriderll00/red_robin (Fred & Robin) and a surprise visit by the M&M's (that's Steve and Sharyl's daughter Melissa and son-in-law Michael).


And of course there is always Fritz the “Wonder Dog.”







“The Flying Streiners” - A spectacular performance of extraordinary aerial acrobatics by Duane and Annetta on the Zip-line.



From the dizzying height of at least 40 feet above the ground, these two intrepid RV'r flew through the air at speeds approaching at least 5-10 MPH on the campground’s Zip-line. At an estimated distance of 300- 350 feet, they flew through the air with the greatest of ease.

 Now don't scoff... Wilber Wright's first flight in December of 1903 was only 112 feet.

And he had wings and a brother running beside the aeroplane. Of course Duane did have Fritz running after him during his encore performance on the Zip-line. (You had to be there.)

There was an impartial panel of judges on hand to score both Duane and Annetta' s performance. With Duane winning with two perfect 10.0's and an average score of 8.5.

Duane won on style points... and that he almost knocked the attendant off the platform at the end of his flight. So let's give it up for Annetta and Duane...


The aerial performance followed a day that included a run to a local RV parts store "Country Boy Enterprise" (see link for map), and completion of several general repairs on two Winnebagos and a Jayco Eagle. It’s kind of hard to get four guys under the front wheels of a Winnebago Brave at the same time.


Hobo stew was the fare for Saturday evening’s meal… a case where too many cooks do NOT spoil the broth, they make it better.


Next on the list of exciting happenings was waiting for the all-clear siren for a tornado warning in the Linking County area.

We hear the siren and towards the west it looked like it was going to blow-in something. But it passed just south of us with a short period of rain falling on our awnings.

This allowed for an RV tour and an impromptu game of Password before supper.




 Now as a relatively new member, I am not familiar with all of the Rally history. .. but something was said about Kathy being the "Rain Dance Queen" of the Ohio Rally?

Look at this... what do you think?


Bathroom Humor?

If standing around the dump station is your idea of excitement. Then this group is the one to join.

I really don’t know what prompted the interest… but the topic of discussion was “Black Water Flow.” The final opinion was that Carol and I need to drink more water, or that someone has erected a “Stone Pyramid” in our waste tank. Now this was a new RV term for Carol and I, but the image quickly came to mind. If you need more clarification, send me a personal email, this is a PG rated site you know.

 It was a very relaxing weekend.

Depending on your interests… some members bicycled, some swam at the pool, a couple visited the Velvet Ice Cream Mill



and enjoyed a countryside trip…






but mostly it was just setting,


relaxing and telling stories.


Our next Rally stop will be to Caesar Creek State Park.





Perhaps we'll see your there.


"The Journey is the Reward." 

 Jim & Carol

August 28, 2007