Maumee State Park


Travis and Nicole

July 13,2007

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Maumee State Park


 The Boyd Bratz go to Maumee State Park Camping with Grandma & Grandpa.





  On Friday afternoon Travis & Nicole helped Grandma load the bikes, food and pull out to head to Shelby to pick up Grandpa at work to head north to Maumee. It was an adventure with just Grandma behind the wheel of the coach and Nicole as look-out. Travis was holding down the couch. We picked up Grandpa and he had the coach weighed on the company scales. That was fun.

Got to the campgrounds and found our site and started to set up camp. Lots of things to do. Blocks under the levelers, chairs by the campfire ring, picnic table in place with table cloth, grass mat down(keep it clean inside), electric cord hooked up, awning out and we are ready to relax. Nope, got to get the charcoal started so we can have brats and burgers.



While the coal was heating up it was time for bike rides to find out the lay-out of the camp. Lots of bike trails and walking trails.  As we were heading in we saw the beach, large lake, kites flying and a big hill to climb.


Supper was done and we all went on a bike ride. Rode around two lakes and viewed a beautiful sunset. Then it was campfire time and dig out the stuff for the somores.


In the morning Travis and Grandpa had fresh blueberry pancakes and Nicole had hers with chocolate on the top. Grandma had hers plain.


Now we are on the bikes again and heading to the beach. At the beach there were lots of Tern's (birds).  Nicole collected seashells and played in the water. Travis played in the seaweed. We saw Toledo Harbor and Turtle Island lighthouses from the beach. Then we rode bikes and saw rabbits, deer and lots of birds.

Supper again, another campfire and somores. We did campfire games with the one of "Went to the store and bought----------" Travis & Nicole headed to bed and Grandma & Grandpa stayed up late with the campfire.

 Sunday, up and at it early. After breakfast on our bikes we headed to the Nature Center for a board walk that is a mile long. On our way we saw an immature bald eagle on the beach and then he take off and swoop down and grab a fish from the water. On the board walk we came across several deer, Indigo Bunting, butterflies and flowers.







After all the bike riding and hiking on Sunday it was time to break camp.

It was a fun weekend and can't wait to do it again.


"The Journey is the Reward." 

 Jim & Carol

July 17, 2007