Camping With Jacob

June 29, 2007

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Alumn State Park

More Photos of Jacob


Our Grandson Jacob joined us for a weekend at Alum Creek State Park.

We set up camp on June 29th for a weekend of hiking and some camping fun.

We chased butterflies.


We went down the Big Boy's Slide into Grandma's arms.

Filled in for Grandpa while he took his daily nap.


On the trail.

Jacob was always the leader.







You get snacks, if you have been a good boy all day.

The end of a day cames too soon..

Guess Grandpa and Grandma... wore the little guy out. He was "Good as Gold"


We all had a great time.

We saw rabbits, fish and birds.

                                                              Went fishing, but they all got away.  :-(

We hiked most of the roads and trails in the campgrounds.

                    OK, some of us may have used the stroller upon occasion (Grandma needed the rest).

Probably the best part was spitting watermelon seeds. Jacob's aim and distance need a little work. But I'm sure he will improve before our next camping trip together.


"The Journey is the Reward." 

 Jim & Carol

July 2, 2007