Austin Lake

June 15th -17th 2007

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Austin Lake Campground


Ohio Rally


Austin Lake & Ohio Rally Campers

Our first "for real" camping weekend adventure. By that I mean, we stayed in the campground the whole weekend hiked, slept, ate and sang Kum By Yah around the campfire. (OK, we didn't sing.)


We joined a group of fellow campers known as the RV.NET Ohio Rally group. We found them on the RV.NET website.


RV.NET Ohio Rally, is a chance for members of RV.NET from Ohio to meet in person and enjoy a weekend of camping with both new friends and old.


They had planned a camping weekend at Austin Lake Campgrounds near Steubenville, Ohio. We were the Newbie’s to the Ohio Rally group this weekend. No sooner had we pulled into our site, we were greeted and made to feel welcomed.

 Introducing the....

Ohio Rally Gang

(Come to find out, this was actually just a small part of the total rally group that could attend this Austin Lake weekend.)


These people know how to prepare good camp food and put it away. I have a feeling they also may know how to party too. Very respectable to be sure.


We had a great time and have planned at least three more trips to join this Motley Crew this year.

 Here is a link >> OHIO RALLY << if you would care to check them out.


 Jim and Carol Away from Home

Our site is a little plain right now. Just the bare essentials. Two chairs, table cloth and fake grass. No sign with our names on it. No tacky lights hanging from the awning. No Pink Flamingos. No “Don’t Come Knocking…” sign.


With time I am sure we will catch up with the Ohio Rally crew and other fellow RV’ers. Time will tell.


"The Journey is the Reward." 

 Jim & Carol

June 20, 2007