Brutus” vs “Nittany Lion 

October 26th-28th 2007 

Ohio Rally

Madison KOA



Our last Motorhome Travel Journey of 2007 was to Pennsylvania. This was actually our first out-of-state MH journey too.


We drove to the Madison / Pittsburgh KOA south east of Pittsburgh near New Stanton, PA. Easy access off of I-70 @ exit #54. The campground had plenty of drive through sites available (end of the season) most with shade trees, water, electric, cable and sewer hook up. It was a quiet campground, because we were just about the only ones there. In warmer weather, there is a pool to jump into or large jumping pillow if you wish to break a leg or something.

There was a small pond for fishing and other venues for outdoors activities.   

During a normal season; horseshoes, volleyball, croquet, bingo, sack races, scavenger hunts, candy hunts, hayrides or even bocce ball are available.

The drive to Pennsylvania and through the surrounding area was alive with the changing leaves of autumn. Though the weather was overcast, chilly, gray and at times rainy, the Ohio Rally group was warm and cheery.

Friday night’s meal was the traditional hot dogs and covered dish with deserts galore.

There was an attempt to have an evening of cards and board games, but the KOA Store/Meeting Room closed their doors at 9:00 pm. The party broke up with some members going visiting and others calling it a night. It was a little too cold and wet for traditional campfire conversation.


After an on and off again rainy night, Saturday morning began overcast and cool. A leisurely breakfast began our day, with a little stroll around the grounds to check out late arrivals and discuss the day’s activities.


An informal business meeting began at 12 noon in the KOA Meeting Room. Discussions resulting in a basic schedule for the 2008 Ohio Rally gatherings was established. One sanctioned rally per month (April thru November) was agreed to. There remains several open weekends each month, for so called “non-sanctioned” impromptu gatherings.

The 3rd Annual Pink Flamingo Benefit Auction was held, kind of like a White Elephant Auction. No it was not to support an endangered aviary species, it was more for the plastic lawn ornament types.


Carol and I (with others) received our "Official" Ohio Rally (suitable for hanging) plaque. At first "Top Billing" was an issue for oue plaque, but "Johnson" won out over "Jutte."



"You just doesn't has to call me Ray."






Thanksgiving came early this year. We had a grand pre-game deep fried turkey dinner with all the fixins.


As always, we had enough food to feed an entire football team.


Speaking of football....

The real reason for this gathering was the Ohio Rally annual...


tailgate party!














Though the Ohio State supporters were in enemy territory, the odds were in our favor. There were approximately 18 RV sites occupied. The Buckeyes out numbered the Nittney Lions fans, with 11 PSU and 25 OSU fans. It was hard to get an accurate count, there was talk of a "Closet Buckeye Fan" not willing to come out yet. Eleven kids were not included as either PSU or OSU fans. Though one OSU cheerleader, at just under three feet tall, did lead the group in an OSU cheer during the game.


It must be said that what the PSU group lacked in numbers, they more than made up for in vocal volume.


This was the third Ohio Rally gathering for this gridiron match up. This was also a tie breaker weekend. Over the years of this Big Ten match up, OSU and Penn State had an 11 to 11 tie going into this weekend. The two past Ohio Rally gatherings were also tied at 1 to 1 going in to this weekend. This was a big weekend for the next year's bragging rights.


The first quarter allowed the Lions to roar with a touchdown that over shadowed OSU’s initial field goal.

But from that point on, the Buckeye’s took control and never looked back.



By the end of the game...

Some were GRATEFUL...


Some were HAPPY

And some....

...Well you get the idea.


 Oh Yes... the FINAL Score:

OSU 37       PSU 17


The Big Game was not the only entertainment for the evening...we had

"Tommy" the Pin Ball Wizard




"Fast Eddy" and "Minnesota Fats"


and the

Arts and Crafts Guild





Manny and Leslie Wolfe did an outstanding job at hosting and organizing the Rally and deserve just one more… O-H-I-O.

Well our first season of Motorhome Journeys ended on a positive note.

 We met great new friends. We traveled around the great state of Ohio; North - South - East - West with a short out-of-state (PA) rally to top it off.

With every journey we added to our MH knowledge and aquired a few needed MH accessories (window, shades, water filter, collapsible waste basket, stinky slinky holder, DVD player, awning lights and Pink Flamingos.) We also added several acronyms; DW, RV, MH, GPS, GS, DH, SC, CW, W/E to our vocabularty.  The list goes on, and on and on...


So until next year, may your...


"The Journey is the Reward."

 Jim & Carol