This is the site for the Rainbow Valley Special Road District. This is now the method for keeping in touch with members who are internet connected. Check in here for news about the organization and its progress toward maintaining the Rainbow Valley roads.

Those who are not internet connected will receive documents via USPS.  Contact (970) 370-5285 to advise if you need to have RVSRD info mailed to you.  

We will put news updates on this site, a calendar of upcoming meetings, and information about upcoming projects. 

There have been changes in where information may be found-there is now a specific location for Resolutions, Financial, Minutes and Notices.

If your property changes ownership please advise the RVSRD with the new owners name and contact information.

The RVSRD Assessment has been levied by Assessors Office.  It is part of your tax bill.  If not paid the property will be subject to 'tax sale’.

The Snow Removal Committee is chaired by Duane Trost.   Snow removal invoices must be submitted to Duane Trost monthly.

Road maintenance for 2019 will be grading Rainbow Valley Lodge Road,  top dressing parts of Rainbow Valley Lodge Road, pot hole repair and if monies available  grading and surfacing Broken Bridge Road. 

1.)  Maintain the major roads within the district.
2.)  Maintain the bridges within the district.
3.)  Consider the feasibility of snow removal. 
4.)  Improve the major roads within the district as funding is available.

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